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Filmmaker Zahir Omar makes fierce fashion film for Syomirizwa Gupta at KLFW 2020

Like all major festivals around the nation, the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week went fully digital for the first time in its history this year. Industry stakeholders, forced to adapt to a world with no physical runways and networking soirees, resorted to digital videos to showcase their products and designs. This includes local label Syomirizwa Gupta which recently released a 7-minute fashion film titled Kegusaran.

“It’s a strange period that we are living in right now and the perfect time to experiment, especially in the digital format,” stated founder Syomir Izwa Sen-Gupta, whose designs take inspiration from his Indian and Indonesian heritage.

The short features select designs from Syomirizwa Gupta alongside new creations worn by models; the whole spectacle is set in a fictional world of visual grit where much takes place underground. Directed by filmmaker Zahir Omar, whose Fly By Night (2018) received acclaim from critics upon its release, Kegusaran is narrated by actor Bront Palarae and written by Jiman Casablancas. Underscoring the whole thing is the pulsating and moody soundscape of “Lines” by Engineering Bureau.

“I am honoured to work with this team of creatives,” noted Zahir. “And I am glad for the trust that the brand has granted me to create something that is unique and dark but still keeping to the vision of the designer.”

The fashion film marks a first for Zahir, who also worked on the regional adaptation of the Nordic thriller The Bridge. The new series, which also stars Indonesian star Ario Bayu, took home Best Drama Series, Best Adaptation Of An Existing Format, Best Original Screenplay and Best Sound at the Asian Academy Creative Awards (AACA) 2020 last week. It is currently showing on video streaming platform Viu.

Find out more about Syomirizwa Gupta at and follow the label on Facebook and Instagram!

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