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Astro pushes TV-based student coaching with ‘Pelan A+ SPM’ seminars

In the past year, the events industry has migrated online, thanks in part to the flexibility of digital conferencing software like Zoom and Google Hangouts. Attending online classes, workshops, discussions and even full-day seminars? It’s the new normal. So how does television keep its place in our daily lives, if it hasn’t already vanished from homes across the nation?

Adamant to compete with crowd-sourced academic tutoring, Astro has launched a series of academic seminars targeted at Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) candidates. ‘Pelan A+ SPM‘ kicked off last Friday with a 2-hour session on mathematics conducted by Shankar Subramaniam of Jom Belajar TV and Pusat Tuisyen Guidance in Petaling Jaya.

‘Pelan A+ SPM’, which airs on Astro Tutor TV SPM (Channel 603) hopes to help viewers ace their SPM examinations in 2021 by providing them examination tips and predicted test questions. It covers 6 core subjects, including history, science, plus the Malay and English languages.

‘Pelan A+ SPM’ is broadcast twice weekly, covering 6 core subjects from the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia examinations.

Astro Tutor TV Channel Manager, Cecilia Wong, stated, “Television-based learning is one of Astro’s key commitments executed through Astro Tutor TV. Faced with the pandemic, many schools have chosen online learning as the main medium to disseminate knowledge during the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO).”

“There’s no denying that online learning has capacity to provide maximum benefit to those whose schools are shut,” she clarified. “However, not every student has a mobile device, laptop or internet connection to participate in online learning.”

Cecilia hopes that these free seminars for Astro Tutor TV subscribers will help raise the diversity of learning mediums while easing the burden of parents seeking extra tutoring avenues for their children. To spread the word on ‘Pelan A+ SPM’, the channel has also engaged with local influencers and created shareable memes which hopes to amuse as much as educate.

‘Pelan A+ SPM’ will take place at 10:00am every Fridays and Saturdays on Astro Tutor TV SPM.

Missed a seminar? Simply visit Astro GO for on-demand access to any of the sessions. Astro Tutor TV also includes Channel 601 & 602 for UPSR and PT3 students.

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