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In the streaming era, South Koreans dominate the realm of girl groups

South Korean girl group BLACKPINK will soon become the biggest girl group of the streaming era based on total streams on Spotify and Youtube. The four-piece, comprising South Koreans Jennie, Jisoo, and Rose, and Thai national Lisa, racked up 11.5 billion streams across both platforms as of May 2020.

This feat is made even more impressive considering BLACKPINK has only released 7 singles and a total of 12 original songs since their formation in 2016. They rank #1 in terms of video views, amassing 9.1 billion video views on Youtube. BLACKPINK is set to return with their new single in June 2020. No details have been released on the new release, but it will mark their first original song since “Kill This Love”, which hit #1 on Malaysia’s streaming chart in April 2019.

Reigning atop our list is US girl group Fifth Harmony, which went on indefinite hiatus in May 2018, while British ensemble Little Mix comes in third.

Name Spotify Streams Youtube Streams Total Streams
1 Fifth Harmony 5,395,417,245 6,334,506,866 11,729,924,111
2 Blackpink 2,347,712,315 9,132,912,738 11,480,625,053
3 Little Mix 4,601,320,032 5,001,462,905 9,602,782,937
4 TWICE 1,415,891,661 5,631,834,043 7,047,725,704
5 Haschak Sisters 33,837,475 4,262,047,257 4,295,884,732
6 Girls Generation 382,616,705 3,866,597,292 4,249,213,997
7 Red Velvet 1,052,258,794 1,882,032,155 2,934,290,949
8 The Pussycat Dolls 1,067,384,506 1,730,066,037 2,797,450,543
9 Destiny’s Child 1,682,962,888 1,111,504,756 2,794,467,644
10 2NE1 262,834,821 1,888,926,555 2,151,761,376

TWICE, which boasts nine members, is currently the best-selling girl group of all time in South Korea. They debuted in 2015 and issued a string of multi-million sellers, establishing themselves as a major presence in their homeland, as well as in Japan. In 2019, their songs “Fancy” and “Feel Special” charted in English-speaking countries, marking their foray into international markets.

South Korean girl groups Girls Generation, Red Velvet, and 2NE1 also make the list, making South Korea the most prominent presence in our list. Group acts from South Korea have displayed outstanding performance on video streaming platforms in the last decade, but BLACKPINK and TWICE are the first Korean girl groups to garner more than a billion audio streams on Spotify.

Note: This list does not take into account streaming data from other platforms such as Apple Music which does not release streaming data publicly. Data collected via Kworb and Chartmasters. Featured image is a screencap of the “Feel Special” music video by TWICE.

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