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Teater YEOP: A Tribute to The Late National Laureate Dato’ Syed Alwi

Dato’ Syed Alwi is known for his contribution to the development of the local theatre scene as a writer, producer and director in a career that has spanned since the early 1950’s. Tampakdara and The Actors Studio Seni Teater Rakyat will be presenting three of his written works with Teater YEOP: A Tribute to Dato’ Syed Alwi from 27th to 30th December in Pentas 2, klpac. 

In 2002, Dato’ Syed Alwi was awarded Anugerah Seni Negara as a recognition of his position as a theater practitioner and founder of the Malayan Art Theatre Group. This December 2018, we will be seeing a presentation of his most famous works in the form of a theatre forum which encourages an engagement between the cast and the audience under the direction of Dr. Rosdeen Suboh (directed Tun Fatimah and Semerah Padi at Istana Budaya).

The cast rehearsing for Teater YEOP (Source: Teater YEOP)
The cast rehearsing for Teater YEOP (Source: Teater YEOP)

The three plays that will be performed are Alang Retak Seribu (1973), Tok Perak (1974) and Going North (1980). Alang Retak Seribu which won the award of Hadiah Karya Sastera in 1973 explores the issue of venturing into the reserved lives of villagers when a group of film documentary crew seeks to capture the scenery of Alang’s hometown and how the production instigated a conflict within the community.

Tok Perak regarded as the first multimedia drama in Malaysia focuses on a man named Tok Perak who after 34 years of isolating himself from society came back to trade medicine after Malaysia has attained Independence. His profession is perceived as disturbance in the 21st century world and he found himself befriending an actor who is also a gardener.

(Source: Options The Edge)
(Source: Options The Edge)

The other work of Dato’ Syed Alwi is Going North a.k.a. Menuju Utara which is set in 1949 Malaysia during the rise of communism pertains a dialogue between a graduate on his way home and an older man. The vast cast of Teater YEOP includes performer Nadia Aqilah (recently performed the role of Lady Macbeth in the Malay adaptation of the tale by the bard) and Amar Asyraf known for his role as Zain Hakimi in the drama, Setia Hujung Nyawa.

Considering the very distinct themes and issues of these three works, it will be refreshing and somewhat revolutionary to see the interpretation of these productions when they are combined in one stage and is interjected with communication to the audience present.

Tickets for Teater YEOP: A Tribute to Dato’ Syed Alwi can be purchased at


Featured Image source: Star2. 

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