Warnayang’s Debut Single, ‘Dilema’ Will Transport You Back In Time

As soon as the song Dilema by pop-funk band, Warnayang begins, there is a whirl of beats and rhythms based on 70’s pop tunes that hypnotises the listeners into thinking they were transported back in time during the era of flower power.

The band was established in 2015 with Mirin Bhakhari (Mirin) as the vocalist, the role of guitarist helmed by Salihin Yusoff (Im), Nazhry Richard (Ruff) on bass and Zul Palie (Palie) giving his all on the drums.

The band, Warnayang. (Source: Adly Aizad)
The band, Warnayang. (Source: Adly Aizad)

The band seemed to dabble on merging genres such as pop, rock, Nusantara, funk and even jazz considering their influences like songstress, Yuna and the psychedelic pop British band, Coldplay. Having already performed at gigs and live showcases such as Tresfest 2013, Gig-la 2017 and Soundstruck: Live at The Bee, Publika, the band is now ready to put out original music under their label.

Their name came about from the play of combining the Malay word, “Warna” meaning colour and the word, “Yang” from the philosophy of Yin & Yang. Yang being associated with masculinity and brightness is quite suitable for the all-male band expressing their music especially through their debut single, Dilema in an audibly vivid style.

(Source: Warnayang’s Facebook Page)

Dilema is a fitting track for the band to make an introduction in the music scene; complete with a guitar solo that oozes a sense of charisma, vocals that tremor that of a folk-rock singer’s raspy voice, drums mirroring that of hands clapping (that would be apt for a live performance) and catchy and sophisticated lyrics.

With their intention to release an album by 2020, it’s undeniable that Warnayang will go on to explore a more diverse side of indie rock by incorporating Nusantara sounds with a sweet undertone of local 70s pop. Or maybe something else entirely.

Get more updates on the band, Warnayang on Facebook and Instagram!

Featured Image source: Warnayang’s Facebook Page. 


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