Evelyn Feroza’s new single “Close Your Eyes” with Q Sound is out of sight

Songstress, Evelyn Feroza has an acclaimed background as a jazz and pop singer and now in collaboration with Q Sound, she’s released an upbeat techno whirl made more powerful with her soulful vocals.

Having taken the stage with the eminent, Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra for Malam Terang Bulan Show, Evelyn went on to perform on international stages like the SportAccord Convention in Lausanne, Switzerland and expressed her talent of bringing her own personality to raw renditions and song covers.

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 17.07.27
Source: MTalent Asia.

With her single, Close Your Eyes, Evelyn introduces a sexy, pop R&B track that flows amicably with each verse, and past the 1 minute mark the production’s turned up a notch by Q Sound (his collaboration with Dangerdisko earlier this year was also one of our favourites) putting you into this spacey vibe that really hooks on to you. The music video directed by Brad Hogarth showcased the Evelyn’s many persona, or possibly the persona of the different kinds of singers in the music industry, or how a multitude of those personalities can form the sum of an individual. She’d stated that, “The music video signifies characters I hope people would be able to relate to. The song speaks of listening to your conscience and each character may be the kind of conscience you can take on.”

One of the femme fatales played by the musician in the music video is a goth with smeared makeup who dances with CGI-ed black smoke around her to further gratifies the mysterious darkness of this seemingly broken character and another is almost a replica of a manic pixie dream girl with electric blue locks who has a fun presage. With a play on lights, shadows and Evelyn’s silhouette merged together with her expressions; the music video looks like an intro to classic spy films (could even be a tribute to the genre).

Made known for her covers like rocking the haunting and solemn, Hallelujah  and her own take on Rihanna‘s Diamond, the single Close Your Eyes may stem Evelyn as an artist who is not afraid to manifest that intertwining of jazz, R&B, soul and electro, radiating sex appeal and pop sheen with grace and fortitude.

Close Your Eyes by Evelyn Feroza is now available on all digital platforms.

This article is co-written both by Aina Izzah and Zim Ahmadi

Featured Image source: MTalent Asia. 

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