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Young Changemakers Awards 2018 Recognising The Visions of Children & The Youth

This year, Tuanku Bainun Young Changemakers Awards have overseen the submissions of the Malaysian youths and children in relating to making a social impact through projects that they initiate from building a safe and clean water source for an Orang Asli village to encouraging a healthy outlook on personal hygiene by making DIY soaps.

“Based on the principle that children can make the world a better place, we design programmes to inspire the young that this is possible. The awards work as a platform of change-making workshops conducted by children for children,” stated YTM Raja Dato Seri Azureen, Chairman of Pusat Kreatif Kanak-kanak Tuanku Bainun before the presentation by the awards finalists who are categorised into individuals from age 6 to 12, individual from 13 years of age to 15 and group projects.

Sarah Najihah presenting her business of handmade soaps. (Source: Emma Abdullah)
Sarah Najihah presenting her business of handmade soaps. (Source: Emma Abdullah)

From combating pollution to inspiring the use of natural resources, the candidates used the stage to educate and open the eyes of not only the audience present but those who attended A Summit By Children, For Children such as Sarah Najihah‘s Saya Bersih Saya Sihat workshop where she taught students on how to make handmade soaps which she had learnt to do since starting her own business, Sara Ann Surprise Soap. Sarah’s idea of ‘hiding’ toys inside soaps to ensure that children will wash their hands with the expectation of a reward when the soap is used up won the individual 6 to 12 category.

Vista Starfish Group on their 'Water for Life' initiative. (Source: Emma Abdullah)
Viva Starfish Group on their ‘Water for Life’ initiative. (Source: Emma Abdullah)

Other initiatives that won the hearts of the judges are Hands for Education in the group project category; they are ten students from Sri KDU Secondary School who headed a mentor-ship program for underprivileged children needing aid on extra lessons and tuition especially those living in impoverished residential areas. With the hopes that the peer-to-peer mentoring session will break the poverty cycle,  Hands for Education values the relationship between the student and the teacher through their patient and attentive teachings.

Dancers performing an Orang Asli dance to the audience. (Source: Emma Abdullah)
Dancers performing an Orang Asli dance to the audience. (Source: Emma Abdullah)

By focusing on issues faced by children such as child marriages, mental health and bullying, the kind of change that is championed by Young Changemakers Awards is by highlighting a movement by the children themselves hence, recognising that age is not a barrier or even a limit when it comes to putting to the world what the children and the youth are able to do specifically the younger generation in our country.

Featured Image source: Emma Abdullah.


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