Keeping Track with….Wake Up Iris!: On Musical Influences & Performing in The United States

Indonesian folk duo, Wake Up Iris! played on our shores last October and introduced an array of their eclectic tunes from their debut album A U R E O L E. We got to chat with them on their sounds and the process of producing their first album (we even got a packet of aromatic coffee from them all the way from Indonesia!).

Vocalist and violinist, Vania Marisca and guitarist and drummer, Bie Paksi got together back in 2015 because of a dream to create music that amplifies the colourful, rainbow-esque spectrum made known by the name of the Greek Goddess Iris based on their message to recognise the light in their listeners. Having performed at international festivals like SXSW 2018, US and at an Art Festival in Jeju Island, Wake Up Iris! described the opportunity of getting to perform to such audiences is like a wild card especially since they have yet to create A U R E O L E back then.

The folk duo, Wake Up Iris! (Source: Transhallow).
The folk duo, Wake Up Iris! (Source: Transhallow).

Sitting down with the band, we got to know more about their history (and even a glimpse into their childhood); did you know that Vania was actually encouraged by her mother to learn and practice music? And the first instrument that she learnt was not the violin? Can you guess which band member is inspired by Linkin Park and Blink 182 when asked about which musician or band influenced their outlook on their genre?

Find out more about the band, Wake Up Iris! by checking out their website!  

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