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Beverly Matujal’s “If I Fall In Love” MV will pull your heartstrings!

As of the 15th of October 2018, Beverly Matujal is out with a music video for her latest single If I Fall In Love, which is bound to make you feel the essence of love in all forms!

Hailing from Kota Kinabalu, this Bornean songstress is back with yet another heartfelt piece, that pushes the boundaries of conventional perceptions of love.

Riddled with beautiful takes of different people in various kinds of relationships, the MV showcases the depth of Beverly’s prowess with her gorgeous performance- showing you what it’s like to be a mere observer of intimacy, whether it’s romantic or filial. If I Fall In Love will take you on an emotional ride, as you’ll find yourself the song seamlessly soaring along in the backgrounds of these human bonds.

“To me, it was important that the music video reflected the essential meaning of the song. When I wrote If I Fall in Love, I had different scenarios in my head.

Every day, there are people out there experiencing love for the first time, getting their hearts broken and losing people they cherish. So in a way, the song and the video serves as my message to these people that they are not alone. It’s kind of like my love letter to the world. The single is also a glimpse as to what to expect for my first full-length album coming out next year! So I’m really excited about that.” – Beverly Matujal





You can also check out the song on Spotify, and follow Beverly’s social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Official website) to get the latest updates on her music and upcoming shows!

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