Nature’s Law Deciphered Through Arikwibowo Amril’s ‘Hukum Alam’ Exhibition

Going back to nature and the ancient period of man’s first expression of art with the use of charcoal, Hukum Alam is the first solo art exhibition by artist, Arikwibowo Amril displayed at HOM Art Trans, Ampang, Selangor from 24th November to 8th December. 

With rough details of a man’s fingers covering his face through the ashy and strong strokes of coal, Arikwibowo’s investigations into this artistic medium is one that delves deeper into not only the execution of art but a reflection of the past by acknowledging the mechanism of using such a dark stick that could be easily moulded by the palm of the hand leaving evidence of drawing on the human flesh.

Tiada Deria I Sentuh by Arikwibowo Amril (Source: Hom Art Trans).
Tiada Deria I Sentuh by Arikwibowo Amril (Source: HOM Art Trans).

Arikwibowo created the artworks for Hukum Alam during 6 months of his residency at A-Residency with a range of portraitures sculpted from the faces of well-known artists, politicians (a common theme and topic by Malaysian artists), his friends and even himself. Because of the obvious two hues of black and white with smudges of grey and off-white, coal is a sophisticated tool that could draw in dimensions from the lack of colour and Arikwibowo took note of this element and elevated it.

Arikwibowo Amril with his artworks (Source: Hom Art Trans).
Arikwibowo Amril with his artworks (Source: HOM Art Trans).

Born in Kuala Lumpur in the late 80s, Arikwibowo graduated with a BA of Fine Arts (Hons) from Universiti Teknologi MARA Shah Alam and has experimented with mixed media, collages, charcoal and oil with his work that narrows on the subject of people whether they are the ordinary, everyday citizen or famous entertainers like John Lennon and scientist, Albert Einstein.

Rujuk by Arikwibowo Amril (Source: HOM Art Trans).
Rujuk by Arikwibowo Amril (Source: HOM Art Trans).

For the exhibition, Hukum Alam, the artist explained that, “I had to dig deeper to understand the medium and technique that I’d used to conjure various presentations and concepts that I’ve yet tried. During this process, I’ve received the benefit of the guidance by other artists far more experienced than me and also exchange opinions with peers at the residency.”

By portraying the intimacy of the human figure and expression, Arikwibiwo sketched his message on the Malaysian political climate with several works portraying the Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir as well as his personal muses that is an ignition of large profiles and distinctive typography.

The exhibition, Hukum Alam will begin from 24th November to 8th December, visit HOM Art Trans for more info.

Featured Image source: HOM Art Trans. 

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