Talitha’s Debut EP ‘BOYS’ Is A Flirty And Delicate Variation of Pop

A dreamy interlude of her crafts of pop and sweet tunes, Talitha’s newly released EP, BOYS is available now for ephemeral anecdote of past relations.

The first track that came on the EP BOYS is the opposite spectrum of the gender with GIRLS in which Talitha gave an almost pop reggae vibe in the chorus to her pleads for adoration while the next tune, Maple is her rendition on techno pop that is also haunting with classical instruments serenading the echoes of her vocals.

Indie singer and songwriter, Talitha Tan spent two years after debuting her single, Okay for BOYS¬†and it is obvious that the intention is to create a sound that concentrates on the euphoria of techno pop on the subject of relationships as Talitha had stated, “All the songs in the EP were kinda triggered by boys. Not a boy but boys. Of course, this works vice versa too, cause’ girls can be jerks too.”

BOYS_1440x1440 (1)
Source: Breaking Music.

Even the art cover of the EP is reminiscent of the sounds; there is a bit of a mix, a collage of genres and a colourful representation of what Talitha wants to highlight with a bit of the traditional mediums of love songs and heartbreak (seen from the written note, “If you wanna break me, do it right. Gotta break me from the heart.“).¬†Having performed at Good Vibes Festival 2017, Urbanscapes and Publika Jazz Fest, Talitha has a background in the music industry extending 6 years with collaborations with Ali Aiman, SonaOne and Darren Ashley (for the track, Maple).

With other tracks like fooled me which has a quaint R&B and soulful beat, Talitha’s EP BOYS is as she calls a heartbreak party for those who has found love, cherished it in the moment and somehow against all odds, lost it. Get updates on the musician on her Instagram and Twitter!

Featured Image source: Breaking Music.


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