Love Eclipsed in Aina Abdul’s New Single ‘Shadow’

A track for the realisation that comes in accepting heartbreak, Aina Abdul‘s new single Shadow is a powerful anthem of unrequited love.

Aina Abdul went on from being a singer on the reality TV singing programme, Mentor trained under Malaysia’s Queen of Rock, Ella to being established as a musician of her own sound and voice when she won the Senior Grand Vocalist Champion’s title in the World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA) in the city of stars. A lover and practitioner of Modern R&B and Soul, Aina Abdul is distinctive in complimenting her soothing voice with the ease beats of the genre as she channels her inspirations like Chrisette Michele and Yuna.

AA1 photo by Happy Fingers

Aina’s new released single, Shadow is an apparent expression of her utilising R&B and Soul as her moniker by committing her high notes backed by harmonised background vocals and the upbeat instruments that changes the vibe from the pleading of adoration to a tune about moving on strong. The lyrics going, “Why you keep asking me to stay strong, As if there’s still hope for us, You left me honey over your texts,” is brutal yet relatable to listeners who could recognise the pain of the routine and the false hope which Aina discerns from her first welcoming sonance.

Aina Abdul Urbanscapes Poster (KHYMN)

Aina will undeniably be embedded as a singer of this very demanding genre which only few local talents can master faithfully and it is expected that Shadow as an ode of this music category will climb the Malaysian music charts. You can get more insight on Aina Abdul and her single, Shadow at The Bee, Publika on 15th November (Thursday) where the accompanying music video to the track will be premiered. More info on Aina Abdul’s Instagram; @ainaabdul.

Featured Image source: Happy Fingers. 

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