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Dancing in Place: Intertwining Architecture & Outdoor Dance Performance (Video)

Dancing in Place is a partnership between non-profit dance organisation, MyDance Alliance and art festival, Urbanscapes that will feature performances by various dance groups like Balletbase and ASWARA over three weekends (future shows on 11th, 17th & 18th November) at the River of Life bridge area, in Chinatown, Kuala Lumpur.

The outdoors of a city can be harsh and loud but this has been used as a stage and backdrop for dances like abstract and ballet showcased by Dancing in Place, a site-specific performance that is also a collaboration under the close attention of Bilqis Hijjas, president of MyDance Alliance and director of Balletbase. Each performance will be tailored to the area that is used and a story or a theme is cultivated so a connection is established with the immobility of architecture.

Source: Transhallow.
Bilqis Hijjas speaking on Dancing in Place (Source: Transhallow).

“If we’re maybe born or grown up in Kuala Lumpur, we don’t really know much about the history of our town. We don’t know what happened on that space, on the river. We don’t know what used to be there, the kind of buildings, the things that people do,” Bilqis Hijjas spoke during our interview with her when explaining her role as a producer and coordinator of Dancing in Place. She added that by giving information about the site, it helps the choreographers and dancers on constructing a performance that is culturally and historically sensitive.

Source: Transhallow
A performance at Dancing in Place (Source: Transhallow).

Because of the limitless space to view the performances of different dance groups, the entry is free for audiences and those who intend to attend can register at the the Urbanscapes House, 2 Jalan Kasturi which a guide will then bring you to the site or the “stage”. Having to perform in spite of the heat and humidity of Malaysia’s weather and the unpredictable rain, there is a sense of perseverance to this concept of art though; it is still advisable for the viewers to come prepared and to bring their own poncho, umbrella and even sunscreen to best enjoy the show.

Dancing in Place is an inviting idea to not only witness the presently created dance performance by current local talents but to also marvel at the history of the designs of the past.

Find out more about Dancing in Place and Urbanscapes at

Featured Image source: Emma Abdullah. 



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