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Top 10 Bollywood Movies To Light Up Deepavali Festivities

Deepavali or Diwali is a Hindu celebration that symbolises the victory of light overcoming darkness, of good thumping out menacing evil which has been time and time again the theme of most Bollywood films.

This article is an iflix promotional piece

While preparing for the festival of lights, these 10 Bollywood movies can accompany the family while colourful sarees are chosen, oil lamps are lit and many delicacies like murukku, laddu and sweetmeats are created with mother’s touch.

1) Sweetiee Weds NRI (2017) 

Sweetiee Desai is a happy go lucky Gujarati girl born to a wealthy business man of Baroda. Her father is a jolly good person with only one ambition – to get his daughter married to an Non-resident Indian (NRI) from England but problems ensued when she falls for another man.

(1) Sweetiee Weds NRI

2) Hawaizaada (2015) 

Set in the pre-independence era of Bombay in 1895 and based on the life on an Indian scientist Shivkar Bapuji Talpade, who is credited to have constructed India’s first unmanned plane is the tale of the hardships that he went through on the journey to discover.

(2) Hawaizaada

3) Bobby Jasoos (2014)

In this comedy-drama, a rich man asks Bobby, a private detective, to find two girls named ‘Niloufer’ and ‘Aamna’ with a birth mark on their hand and shoulder respectively and a boy in return for a huge sum. Although she accomplishes the assigned tasks, she struggles to understand the motive behind them.

(3) Bobby Jasoos

4) Youngistaan (2014)

Abhimanyu Kaul, a young man living an ordinary life in Japan, finds himself in the political spotlight due to the sudden death of his father, the prime minister of India. Abhimanyu struggles to balance his complicated personal relationships with the political resistance against him from his own party. Being a public figure, by reluctantly accepting to represent the governing party, much against his own wishes and at the cost of his private life, is a double-edged sword that Abhimanyu must walk on.

(4) Youngistaan

5) Ajab Gazabb Love (2014)

Going against the barrier of social classes, the story revolves around Rajveer who falls in love with Madhuri. He realises that she hates wealthy people so Rajveer, along with his family, pretends to be poor in order to win Madhuri’s love.

(5) Ajab Gazabb Love

6) I, Me aur Main (2013)

As Ishaan, a music producer who has commitment issues when he takes his girlfriend, Anushka for granted, feels a connection with Gauri, his next-door neighbour, which he then falls in love with and begins to learn the importance of relationships.

(6) I Me Aur Main

7) Break Ke Baad (2010)

Stars Deepika Padukone as Aaliya who is not ready for commitment even after a decade-long friendship with Abhay. She remains indifferent when he follows her to Australia, but is finally shaken when he announces his marriage.

(7) Break Ke Baad

8) Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani (2009)

Prem  has wacky adventures trying to make everyone around him happy especially when the girl of his dreams, Jenny fell in love with another man, Rahul.  He sacrifices his own adoration of her to ensure that she and Rahul could run away and elope together.

(8) Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani

9) Golmaal Returns (2008)

Obsessed with daytime TV soaps, Ekta Santoshi starts suspecting her husband, Gopal of being unfaithful. Unsatisfied with his answers, she decides to investigate, setting off a chain of hilarious events. Starring Arshad Warsi, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Ajay Devgn.

(9) Golmaal Returns

10) Bluffmaster! (2005)

Starring, Priyanka Chopra and Abhishek Bachchan; Roy Kapoor is a conman who cons everybody, even his girlfriend Simi. On the day of their engagement, however, Roy’s true face is exposed and he loses Simi. As if that were not enough, Roy finds out that he has a tumor and is going to die in less than three months. Before it is too late, his partner and disciple Dittu persuades Roy to take part in one last master plan.

(10) Bluffmaster

With these movies, Deepavali festivities will be filled with entertaining comedies, bursts of lyrically defined romance and a reflection of history through period drama and you can watch them by downloading or streaming with iflix, the world’s leading entertainment service.

Featured Image source: A still from the movie, Hawaizadaa. This article is an iflix promotional piece.


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