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‘A Tale of Star-Crossed Lovers’ Deconstructs The Tragic Play, Romeo & Juliet

With over hundreds of recitations, remakes and interpretations of William Shakespeare‘s Romeo and Juliet, KL Shakespeare Players takes it to a whole new level  with the help of Artistic Director of Nyoba Kan, Lee Swee Keong.

Baz Lurhmann reinvented Romeo and Juliet through his film that is very much influenced by a modern gang-eque familial conflict while the West Side Story musical portrays racial and territorial dispute of the tragic play and who could forget the Malaysian version which is the iconic Usman Awang’s Uda dan Dara? The romance of mere teenagers falling in love in a span of days will be staged again at Black Box, Publika on 9th & 10th November (8.30pm) in the form of combining the ancient dialogues of “Where art thou, Romeo?” with grotesque and graceful movements and even provides a living picture of scenes from the play.

Star-Crossed Lovers_Poster

With the actors of KL Shakespeare Players and exposition by director, Lee Swee Keong, A Tale of Star-Crossed Lovers tells the classic play with an ethereal soundscape, of wails, words and music. As part of the cast, Lim Soon Heng describes the show as, “For this production, we the actors rolled, spun, lunged, and dare I say it, danced during the devising to find a new vocabulary for our bodies. In this production, words rest though not silenced, and movements become the impulses that colour utterances, which in turn shade the performance.”


Another performer of A Tale of Star-Crossed Lovers, Sandee Chew on what they expect from the audience in regards to the play, “Nothing? Just hoping maybe they will have moments of resonances, or curiosity, or sense of getting in touch with the push and pull of human relationships in love?” The casts also include the Dramaturge and Artistic Director of KL Shakespeare Players, Lim Kien Lee, Hana Nadira (originally played Juliet in the previous Shakespeare Demystified) and Best Supporting Actor nominee of BOH Cameronian Awards 2017 , Zul Zamir.

Romeo and Juliet is already a tragedy that illustrates lovers who are youths not knowing more than just being eternally happy with one another thus causing their downfall in pursuit of overcoming petty rivalry and to see a darker (maybe even more sinister) and shocking revelation through the frame of Japanese Butoh dance artistic director with A Tale of Star-Crossed Lovers may just be an interesting anecdote in the play’s many narratives because “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”.

Nyoba Kan and KL Shakespeare Players will present A Tale of Star-Crossed Lovers on 9th & 10th November 2018, 8.30pm, at Black Box, MAPKL, Publika. Ticket prices: RM 68 (early-bird), RM 88 (after 1st November 2018).

 Tickets can be purchased at Aku Cafe & Gallery, 8, Jln Panggong, City Centre, KL. Reservation can also be made by Whatsapp to +6012 362 2939.

Featured Image and images source: KL Shakespeare Players. 


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