Nopchai Ungkavatanapong’s Recent Arts by Richard Koh Projects

From 17th October until 17th November, the recent works of Thai artist, Nopchai Ungkavatanapong consisting of ready-made objects, neon and electronic components will be displayed at N22 Art Warehouse, Bangkok by Richard Koh Projects.

“My work is a compilation of intertextuality. I use signs (objects) to communicate my interpretations of humans’ existences and phenomenon,” Nopchai who’d received his  Master’s degree in Fine Arts from the University of Cincinnati based his art on the subject matter of re-interpretation of consumerism (that can be perceived as human nature or barbarism) and humanoid’s existence and phenomenon through mixed media and site-specific installation. With shaped lights hanging or fixated in corners of spaces, Nopchai’s works create a guide for attendees to elucidate what it means beyond what was stated.


Made with steel frames, wooden shoe trees and neon tubes; the installations titled among others are Diptych (Untitled),  Triptych (After the Modern Love) and Altar 1 Part 1 (The Constellation) are a curiosity that would without a doubt challenge the senses of visitors at the exhibition. Nopchai and a group of artists commenced and founded Nuts Society, the artist collectives known for their subversive works that merged art into consumerist culture and intends to raise public awareness of societal issues through artworks and art-related activities.


The artist had had solo exhibitions as early as in 1984 like 2012’s Awkward in Bangkok Art and Culture Center and his first one Painting and Sculpture, Cincinnati Commission on the Arts at 4th Street Gallery. Going beyond the arts on canvas and sculptures, Nopchai’s features works that transcend these boundaries and illuminate an inkling of a play of light, shadows and metal that would be a different kind of experience altogether. If you happen to be in Bangkok, Thailand, do stop by the exhibition that will be ongoing until 17th November.

Featured Image and images source: Courtesy of Richard Koh Fine Art and the artist.


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