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Explosive Trailer for ‘Polis Evo’ 2 Released

The second time has to be bigger and louder for the cop-action movie, Polis Evo.

It begins with a chilling monologue about the Apocalypse delivered by a man known only by the name of Hafsyam Jauhari leading a terrorist group who threatens the lives of 200 hostages in a remote village, the trailer to Polis Evo 2 is equipped with occasional sirens, heart-stopping music in the background (which borders towards being too loud that some dialogue is distinguishable) and many scenes of a tense Erra Fazira in a position of having to make tough decisions.

Leading the film again are comedian turned actor and rapper, Zizan Razak as Inspector Sani and the wide-ranging, Shaheizy Sam as Inspector Khai who became partners following the previous film’s premise on a drug trafficking case and it’s obvious from the trailer than the duo has learnt to overcome their conflicting differences and are now close friends. In the sequel, the team will be facing the challenge of battling against a terrorist leader while ensuring that innocent lives are protected but that doesn’t mean that shots won’t be fired and fiery explosions won’t be unleashed.

The villain definitely caught our eye. An Islamic extremist leader as an antagonist is a refreshing element in Malaysia cinema. Will this movie highlight the complexities behind our authorities’s efforts against counterterrorism?


Directed by  Joel Soh and Andre Chiew, Polis Evo 2 includes casts from three South East Asian countries; Malaysia (among others are Soffi Jikan, Shafiq Naswip, Riz Amin, Hairul Azreen), Singapore with Hasnul Rahmat, Jeff Catz and Fir Rahman and Indonesia’s  Raline Shah, Mike Lucock and Tanta Ginting. Watch the trailer now before the film premieres on 22nd November and follow the official social media for Polis Evo 2 and Astro Shaw for more updates; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Featured Image source: Polis Evo official poster. 

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