Amir Jahari Modernising Nusantara Pop with New Album, ‘Siang & Malam’

After the listening session of the six tracks from Amir Jahari’s second album, Siang & Malam, it’s understandable why it took him half a decade to finish his commentary to Modern Nusantara Pop.

With just a guitar and his lone vocals, Amir swooned the viewers at Restaurant DapoPuro in Puchong (a hub for Sarawak delicacies) for the launch of his album after his debut in 2013 with Penghibur Jalanan and as stated by him, “This second album will be different than my first in terms of its message because it focuses on deeper meanings in life but it can still be enjoyed by audiences of all ages.” Made known for his tunes like Aku Juga Manusia from the previous album which he performed at the launch, Amir went on to collaborate with musician and producer, AG Coco and working under Sekalo Music Production for Siang & Malam.

Amir Jahari performing at Siang & Malam album launch. Source: Emma Abdullah.

Kartini Sulaiman who is the representative of Sekalo Music Production expressed a heartfelt appreciation for AG Coco in her speech, “AG Coco encouraged the making of the second album from the creation of the album cover to the printing; he was there. We would like to thank Kamar Seni Studio for their involvement in the project and AG Coco for his guidance.” The major usage of drums, guitar and harmonising vocals, upon hearing the preview to Siang & Malam, there is a story that Amir intends to share and it’s about living life without worry but also remembering that it shouldn’t be joyful all the time.


The lyric, “Marilah menari” was repeated throughout the album and in one song that stood out to me which is Syurga about the balance of the polar opposites of heaven and hell making life more meaningful especially in this line, “Terciptanya syurga dan neraka, serta akal pada manusia, jika kita hanya punya syurga, hidup ini tiada makna.” The glimpse into Siang & Malam is already a promising endeavour of Nusantara Pop which has influences of folk music evident from when Amir mentioned that the American band, Beirut was one of the inspirations to the sound of the second album. Amir Jahari has also allied with folk-pop band, Mafidz (with a bonus track in the second album titled, Hadiah Dari Tuhan) and Hujan’s Noh Salleh for his comeback.


Siang & Malam will not be released on any digital platforms so you can be the first ones to get a physical copy and meet with Amir Jahari at his album showcase at Live Fact, Damansara on 10th November. Contact 0168789437 (Kartini) for more ticketing info.

Featured Image source: Mendam Rasso. 


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