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‘She’s The One’, A Contestant Selected at SHORT + SWEET International Film Festival

After winning the Audience Choice Award at Short + Sweet Festival Malaysia, the short film, She’s The One head on over to the city of angels for Short + Sweet International Film Festival.

“I was actually surprised that She’s The One was chosen to screen in Short + Sweet International Film  Festival because initially, we were told that it was only the film that won Best Film at the Short + Sweet Festival Malaysia will go to Hollywood. She’s The One won the Audience Choice Award. Turns out, they’ve selected the Best Film and Audience Choice Award to compete in Hollywood. Needless to say, my team and I were excited,” exclaimed Amir Rahim when the short movie, She’s The One was screened at the film festival the previous 20th October in Hollywood.


Amir added, “I expected a tough competition for the Festival in Hollywood, because there were films from other countries besides Malaysia that were competing, such as Australia, New Zealand, Philippines and USA. Unfortunately our film didn’t win anything, but I’m proud nonetheless because it’s not easy for us to get into an international film festival.” She’s The One is a debut by director and filmmaker Thivian Sivananthen in a mainstream film festival and the film starred Amir Rahim as Akil and Farihin Ufiya as Natasha in the familiar recital of romance however their relationship is told through the limitations of the dating experience  in the 21st century.



A film that must be able to narrate their message in 10 minutes or less, She’s The One was one of the short movies shortlisted by the festival among others were Dean Shaari‘s Nightingale and Garrick See‘s Tengkar before being crowned for Audience Choice Award which is understandable considering the subject matter of the film that may be able to connect to audiences as they also face their own account on intimacy. Read our interview with Amir Rahim here to know more about the film’s representation on the pursuit of modern romance and the making of its music.

Featured Image and images source: She’s The One.  

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