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Live Wire: MMU Cyberjaya students reimagines KL via interactive installations (VIDEO)

More than just a platform for international artists like Khalid or Wolf Alice, Urbanscapes 2018 also serves as a hub for local arts from many fields; whether it be music, visual, performance and more. One of which is Live Wire and installation coordinated and co-curated by inter-disciplinary artist, Fairuz Sulaiman.

Just like every year, the Urbanscapes House in Jalan Hang Kasturi will be occupied by installations and galleries of various kinds from 3 – 18 November, showcasing the borderless nature of creativity. Live Wire by Fairuz Sulaiman seeks to encapsulate the theme of #ReimagineKL by harnessing the talent of the youth. It presents a an outdoor/indoor installation  interactive done by the final year students of the Media Art (MA) Dept in Multimedia University, Cyberjaya.

One of the student's art work: KL Rush by Yang Yang (Photo: Emma Abdullah)
One of the student’s art work: KL Rush by Yang Yang (Photo: Emma Abdullah)

Although  Fairuz Sulaiman assisted the students in perfecting their pieces, enrolling the help of other artists such as June Ong by inviting them for a short session with them, the pieces are entirely the work of the students themselves. The works that will be displayed are also their Final Year Project assignments.

Fairuz Sulaiman's VR installation at Urbanscapes 2017 (Photo: All Is Amazin)
Fairuz Sulaiman’s VR installation at Urbanscapes 2017 (Photo: All Is Amazing)
Inside the virtual reality world of Berkhayal by Fairuz Sulaiman (Source: fairuzsulaiman.com)
Inside the virtual reality world of Berkhayal by Fairuz Sulaiman (Source: fairuzsulaiman.com)

Rini Fauzan Mohamed Zuhairi, programme coordinator and also one of the lecturers that acted as advisors for the students stated, “[The students] have put together computer processing techniques, giving meaning into context and at the sam time constructing it to look ready for the industry. This marriage of designing, programming language and readings found in their work is why I call the students multi-talented and versatile”

“For me, Reimagining KL to me is a question we have to let the  the young artists, the young designers, the young makers to answer” – Fairuz Sulaiman

We got the chance to visit their Final Year showcase, called Evoke, which went on from Oct 3 – Oct 5. There we got a preview of some the installations that will be shown at Urbanscapes. The artworks used a variety of styles of conceptual art, utilizing various technologies from kinetic-based, augmented reality, photography and more. Check out our video below to get a brief insight.

Find out more about Live Wire and Urbanscape at http://www.urbanscapes.com.my/. Find out more about Fairuz Sulaiman at fairuzsulaiman.com

(Photo: Emma Abdullah)
(Photo: Emma Abdullah)

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