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The Animation ‘Ejen Ali’ Represents M’sia At Asian Academy Creative Awards

The mission to elevate the local animation industry is taken by the spy-series-turned-movie: Ejen Ali Already broadcasted in over 46 countries ranging from South East Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, the series Ejen Ali tells of the exciting, suspenseful and humorous life of a boy balancing between being a secret agent for an espionage agency, MATA and his everyday, normal life.

A premise that thrills children with unexpected facets of the struggle of being a spy to the relatable, grounded problems of being a student, Ejen Ali had just wrapped its second season last March and is now competing against the animated productions from all over Asia at the Asian Academy Creative Awards (AAA).

The AAA is a newly launched competition with 49 categories that aims to recognise and to honor excellence in quality of broadcasts and other forms of media content. The awards is open to countries across Asia Pacific, including Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, China, and South Korea.


The co-production between Primeworks Studios and Wau Animation, the series was crowned the Malaysia Winner in the Best 3D Animated Programme or Series category of the AAA and will continue to represent the nation at AAA’s Gala Finals at Capitol Theatre, Singapore this December.

According to Datuk Ahmad Izham Omar, Chief Executive Officer of Primeworks Studios, “We are truly humbled to represent the country at the AAA. We know we are up against other great programs in this category, but we have high hopes of bringing the award home come Gala Night in December.” Usamah Zaid, Chief Executive Officer of Wau Animation also added, “We are honored that Ejen Ali has been recognized on this prestigious level by the AAA. We look forward to carrying the Malaysian flag in the next round of competition.”

Animation has taken a step forward among local studios and are beginning to build their own standing that not only recognises the many Malaysian animators, designers and illustrators but also creating a medium that would be the highlight of this generation’s childhood.


Featured Image and images source: Wau Animation.  

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