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Irama Propaganda: Political anthems are rarely this danceable!

Alternative rock band Spooky Wet Dreams is out with yet another brand new single from their upcoming album “Koleksi Dendangan Untuk Masa Depan” poignantly titled “Irama Propaganda“, which is has been available since the 18th October 2018 on all digital platforms!

With vocals and lyrics by Ze Spooky and the produced by Matt Liew– Spooky Wet Dreams surprised fans and listeners far and wide with a stellar new track called ‘Irama Propaganda’! The song’s release came out only a month after their first release ‘Merdekakah?’ which was inspired by our country’s zeitgeist of  ‘Malaysia Baru‘ and has since been making a lot of noise on social media for it’s controversial and in-your-face swagger.

43514761_2136333276376726_7158085219562553344_n (2)IRAMA PROPAGANDA’ is said to be the most provocative track in the album; where the band has managed to package a political message with a fist of sarcasm, a hint of cynicism, and a whole lot of surf rock and rock n roll. The vocalist even claimed that he ‘dissed someone’ in a rap section on the song.

Now, you’ve probably guessed who Ze’s pointing fingers at!

‘I feel like this is by far our… most craziest attempt yet. We wrote what we wanted to write, play what we wanted to play, and sound “kotor as f***”. But for us, that’s the truth. The truth can be vulgar, and sometimes it should be understood in its truest form. That’s the purpose of Irama Propaganda.’ – vocalist, Shazwan ‘Ze’ Zulkiffli.

In a conversation with Ze himself, he explains the process of writing the song!

Ze: “I remember writing this during the peak of the 1MDB fiasco (laughs). We had a good bassline and I had some very, ‘fiery’ lyrics. I was angry at the time. I mean. I felt like daylight robbery was happening in front of our own fucking eyes but we couldn’t say jackshit or else we’re gonna get thrown in jail.

(Credits: @Jip4 - Twitter)
(Credits: @Jip4 – Twitter)

But we jammed anyway and played the song. We all loved it. But then came the doubts lah of course. We started talking about what would happen if this song goes live and Barisan (Nasional) was still in power. Then there were arguments on it. But then I think Salihin suggested that we should play this song a few times live and see what the PEOPLE think. And fucking hell, people loved it as well. So we decided to keep the song but left verse 2 unwritten.

When the elections drew nearer, we had doubts about it AGAIN.

Especially if Barisan wins, right? We were hoping that the then-opposition would win but then again, everyone at the time, predicted that Barisan would stay around for another term. Including us. When ‘we’ won. It took us quite a while to fucking digest everything. After that, then I got the stomach to finish the song. And that’s… how we wrote it (laughs)!”

As for their final message that they’d like to share through this song: 

“If one ever thinks that they’re immortal, well, they’re not. In time, they’ll get f***ed as well!”

Spooky Wet Dreams will celebrate the release of their new album by launching a showcase this 11th November 2018 at Urbanscapes with local heroes Senja, Bear Scouts and Hacktick! at The Bee, Publika!

Come by and celebrate the release of a new album, the birth of new ideas and yourselves as Malaysians!


To find out more or to purchase tickets for their upcoming album launch; follow them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook! You can also contact Mira Azman (Manager) at Mobile: 011 3995 5911 or through email!

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