MassMusic Welcomes A New Age With ‘MassMusic Vol 1’

A debut album that is a range of NewAge Hip-Hop, techno (and a bit of krump) appealing to the masses.

A journey starting a shocking introduction to a few to a road that is jagged but sleek; that is the experience of listening to MassMusic Vol 1 by MassMusic. From the first track, Won’t Go Interlude, there’s an all-knowing consideration that this is a group that will not be satisfied on just being heard by a niche audience as they create music for all kinds of listeners.


MassMusic are a group of highschool friends; Alan Durairaj, Ilyas Abir, Yue Wai Ming and Pawanraj Randhawa who decided to prompt a fresh new sound to the Malaysian scene and not to limit how the public listens to Hip-Hop as there may be an assumption that the genre does not evolve from conversing about lifestyle and sex.

Having performed at music festivals like Good Vibes 2018 and Island Music Festival, the group consisting of artists, songwriters, audio engineer and DJ is striving to bring the focus on Hip-Hop with themes of duality between the light and the dark, love and lust, joy and depression.


Borrowing the vibe from the sounds of Led Zeppelin, Drake, Young Thug and even Black Sabbath; the waves of these musical influences rolled subtlety into their own and let the album be open to many interpretations and on repeats. It comes as an understanding that MassMusic Vol 1 must be listened to in the correct sequence so the story that lies in the chain can be unfolded and grasped as it is about a toxic declaration of love intertwined with dysfunctional relationships.

Not bounded by the label of a music group, MassMusic also stemmed from MassMusic Studios that is not only the platform for the group to develop and manage their music but also provides services for any up and coming artist or label to express their talent and creations within their space.

If you need more of MassMusic, head on over to their Facebook and Instagram and you can listen to the debut album on Spotify.

Featured Image source; Transhallow. 


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