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Experience Digital Living Art by Performers, Iliaeb & Nadir in ‘[suBstrAt]’

French duo, Iliaeb and musicians, Nadir will play with your eyes and bend your mind with their colourful vision!

A live performance by Iliaeb that blends choreography, amalgamated sounds, optical illusions and visual projection with Nadir’s music playing live in the background is an experience called, [suBstrAt] that will be at The Bee, Publika on 17th October (tomorrow).

The performance is called a Digital Living Art which is to witness, hear and sense the digital media in real life and it may invite a conflict of emotions, an unforgettable memory and it could also be an event that you would enjoy with your group of friends searching for something new and a bit alien.

Source: Substrat’s Facebook Page.

Iliaeb is Ilia Gilbertas, and Etienne Bernardot; visual artists who utilise the digital tool based their choreography and performance around the idea of ​​confronting the body with the digital, to adapt and design this tool through art, to let it out of a the bombarded virtual world through the body.

They aim to disturb the perceptions of the onlookers to make them wonder about the place of the innate and the acquired through the senses so through their art each individual will feel differently. The duo also partakes open workshops like Crossed Lab and Festival Vision’R on animation and creation to build knowledge and interest of the digital education.

Nadir is a Progressive-Ethno-Fusion band based in KL that creates a beautiful marriage of sounds that represent our distinct worldly experiences, culture, and the spirit of collaboration, in introducing a newfound wave of Malaysian music with limitless sonic and cultural boundaries. With their debut album, Synesthesia  and collaborations with the iconic, Datuk Zainal Abidin and Zee Avi, the band’s sounds that battles and compliments are further stipulated having performed at music festivals like Shantanand Festival of Arts and the Borneo International Jazz Festival 2018. 

The band exclaimed that, “This project, [suBstrAt] has been something that we have wanted to create for a long time now but the stars just never aligned. When Ilieb reached out to us, we decided to take the opportunity and collaborate finally. We dont really know how our fans will react to this, but ultimately, we hope they appreciate the work we have put in with Iliaeb and continue to support our journey with them. We know its going to be an audio and visual treat for the audience and we hope they go back with a craving for more events like this in Malaysia. We hope to usher in a relatively new style of fusion performance art and create more opportunities for collaboration.”

On the rehearsal process, “Rehearsals have been intense but extremely fruitful. The Animation and Visual projections have to be in sync with the music, and the dancer has to get the cues right and also to make the transitions seamless, so getting all these elements to come together fluidly took some time but we got it down in the end.”

[suBstrAt] is an event that doesn’t include, “predictable” and “expected” in its dictionary especially with such headliners who are from across the world and meeting to create what can only be described as an encounter that could not be replicated by recorded devices because the viewer must be in attendance and within the time and space at The Bee, Publika starting from 9 p.m. on 17th October. If you’re up for it then click here!


Featured Image source: Substrat ‘s Facebook Page. 



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