Publika Art Show 2018 on The Rebirth of Malaysia

There is a continuance of a celebration of the visual art for all mediums with this year’s Art Show at Publika.

From 10th to 21st October, The Boulevard and White Box at Publika will be the cornucopias for 80 artists coming together and serving visitors with a feast of artworks ranging from paintings to sculptures centered around the theme of  Malaysia: Rebirth. The artists include Harold Egn, Raimi Sani, Edroger Rosili, Jasmine Cheong and many more as they gave their own interpretations of having witnessed this infant construction of the “new Malaysia”.

The exhibition is held in conjunction of Art Expo Malaysia 2018 (read our article about the exhibition here) and while the international art fair gave the stage to artists around the globe, the Publika Art Show 2018 is holding the light to the creators that are closer to home with messages, lessons and opinions in relation to the subject that are relatable to Malaysians.


With one election after the other and a change in the current of politics and even legislation, these instances would be quite a spectacle to behold on a canvas or molded into a certain shape by the artists who’d lived through these highlighted moments. As viewers into the art world, we could either admire, challenge its products or get a better understanding on how the artworks come about and where an inception of conversations can be held.

For instance, the works of Jasmine Cheong are quite children-oriented as they are the main characters of her work. They are colourful and playful and having her as an exhibitor, we may get a glimpse of what a dreamy filter on the topic of Malaysia’s new era would be (and this also means that you can bring the kids too to this child-friendly fair). Meanwhile, Raimi Sani is the artist behind portraits of women in white laces and dresses intimately holding and whispering to each other as if they have to be discreet from last year’s solo exhibition, White Knight and maybe Raimi will be sharing a new secret at the art show.

Get an insight on capturing the evolution of Malaysia through the eyes of the artists at Publika Art Show from 10th to 21st October.



Featured Image and images source: Publika



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