Pandoras Stamping Their Mark with Latest Single, ‘Poskad’

The Greek-mythology of the Pandora’s box is rebranded from a metaphor of chaos to addictive sweet hitmakers in Malaysia’s youngest all-girl band’s love letter to early 2000’s pop.

After their introduction to the local music scene with Jangan Lari which is the official soundtrack to the series Budak Ijat, it was as if Pandoras is going through the momentous times of music history as they grew from the first single that is a reflection of the sounds of the 70’s/8o’s to releasing the very pop and up-beat track of the early 2000’s with Poskad.

The girls lend their voices to the tune that started off like the opening of an anime and somehow it rings of the beginning of ABBA’s Mamma Mia a bit then, flows through a few beats of techno-pop, with all the exciting drama of good old pop music that’s not as prevalent anymore. But don’t let the melody fool you into thinking it’s merely a dance number because when you’re fixated on the lyrics, the words are promises of everlasting affection amid any issues that may arise in a relationship or friendship.


With lyrics by Amylea Azizan of Akademi Fantasia Season 3 fame , song composed by Farouk Abdul Razak and harmonious vocals from all the members, Khadra Mohd Azrul, Kasih Iris Leona, Nelysa, Kasih Leia Ixora and Ellya (of Disney’s Club Mickey Mouse); Poskad is the next step for Pandoras that exudes electrifying instrumentals of strumming guitars, the blast of drums and strong synthesizers that further puts the band on the music platform as more than just a cute-sy girl group. In an era when pop is striving from America, Korea and even infused in the alternative scene, Pandoras is opening their box of music to the world and bringing us back to when we would rock on to the stereo, boombox and singing loudly over our MP3s.

With Poskad being available on all digital platforms, the group also hints at an upcoming accompanying music video!

Featured Image source: Pandoras


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