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The Decision Is In Favour of Kyoto Protocol’s Single, ‘Guilty Plea’

Who would have guessed that the unfolding of a person’s betrayal in Kyoto Protocol’s latest single can be easily rocked to?

Prior to the launch of the band’s The Pen is Mightier album, fans of Kyoto Protocol have been on the edge as they wait to listen to all the songs that may be featured especially after the tease with the two singles already released; Guilty Plea and Delta Wing. Fuad Alhabshi has been one of the driving forces in the process of the song-writing and production of the new album which may include music that hints at his own experience with romance and together with Hairi Haneefa, Shakeil Bashir, Gael Oliveres and Shanjeev Reddy; Kyoto Protocol intends to surprise their followers with an album by the end of this year.



Listeners would be able to tap their feet, pump their fists and nod their heads to two versions of Kyoto Protocol’s second track, Guilty Plea on Spotify as there are the original version and the radio edit and each has their own unique sound. When first hearing both versions, the distinct contrast is the beat of the song and the timing of it as the radio edit goes a bit slower and it echoes of rock and roll from the 90’s or early 2000s, with Fuad sounding more and more like Paul Banks from Interpol with a tamer The B-52s kind of sensibilities.

Playing both versions somehow brought back an odd vibe of young angst-y teens skateboarding against railings and cemented hills in the park even though the lyrics are about a partner who has been lying in a relationship. The many grooves in the song are influenced by the strums of guitars, roaring vocals as well as a sudden audio of an unknown man yelling for order in a court followed by an eerie laughter (EDITOR’s NOTE: That’s probably Fuad)


2018 will not be remembered as mundane for Kyoto Protocol’s fans after the band lit up the stage at Good Vibes Festival 2018 and Singapore’s Baybeats Festival and they are also creating a limited documentary series on the Malaysian music scene as they exists today during the band’s national tour, #MilikKita. If you require more updates from the band, you can visit their website for merchandises, tour and show dates!

Their single, Guilty Plea is available on all digital platforms.


Featured Image source: M Talent Asia


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