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Art Expo M’sia 18′: A Calling for Art Lovers

A white car installation by Heri Dono greets visitors at the entrance of the 12th International Art Expo Malaysia 2018 held from 12th to 14th October at the MATRADE Exhibition and Convention Centre where many uniformed students waved their tickets excitedly before entering the hall and became immediately at awe with the framed paintings on white walls.

Art enthusiasts gather to observe the oil, stencils, risen on canvas closely with explosions of colours that only painters could imagine and illustrate in a medium and the children jumped at the sight of quirky sculptures of curvaceous women and armed dinosaurs with the body of men.


This year’s Art Expo is home to over 65 exhibitors from around 22 countries and it gave the platform mainly to artists of Asia as their artwork are primarily featured in every corner i.e. the Japan Pavilion for Japanese artists and the Special Exhibition Area of curated projects promoting works from reputable South East Asian galleries. We spoke with the partner of Art Expo Malaysia and the Executive Director of Henry Butcher Art Auctioneers, Sim Polenn regarding the exhibition being welcoming to people of all ages, “The exhibition caters to different audiences because we have traditional to cutting edge and contemporary artworks which appeal to the masses and this also encourages spending quality time with the family. It’s also good for the students to be nurtured with interests of the art from young.”



Due to the large hall hosting the exhibition, Sim Polenn stated, “As people enter the main entrance, they will face the Special Exhibition Area then there are four other sections; basically the floor is shaped like a butterfly so the Special Exhibition Area is the core while the other areas are the wings.” With daring pieces of art that would create conversations between the onlookers at the exhibition, it is a guarantee that one would be able to find a painting, a sculpture or any artwork to relate, to admire and even to challenge about its meaning.

From the tribute to the late painter and batik artist, Khalil Ibrahim to the pop pieces of American artist, Jeff Koons, the Art Expo Malaysia 2018 is not lacking in its engaging visual presentation that is an homage to the artist and the art and their lovers. Art Expo Malaysia 2018 will be held from 12th to 14th October at MATRADE Exhibition and Convention Centre (MECC), Kuala Lumpur and you can get tickets here.

Featured Image source: Aina Izzah. 


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