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Upin & Ipin with the MPO is A Show for The Whole Family

“Betul, betul, betul!”, yes, you heard it right; the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra is bringing Malaysia’s favourite twins onto the Dewan Filharmonik PETRONAS stage to delight both children and adults with their orchestral antics!

From the small village of Kampung Durian Runtuh to the city lights of Kuala Lumpur, animated characters, Upin and Ipin will be collaborating with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO) on 14th October, Sunday to perform compositions from the Les’ Copaque’s arrangements like Terima Kasih Cikgu and the familiar, Sahabat Selamanya. These musical productions may be nods to scenes and songs from the animated series however, it would be compelling not only to witness but to hear them being played by an orchestra through sophisticated instruments like the violin and the cello.


Having appealed to a mostly mature audience with classical pieces, MPO’s decision to pair up with Les’ Copaque is a welcoming endeavor into ensuring that their performance would be received by a younger audience and would open the door to developing interests in the whole culture of the orchestra. Maybe a child sitting in the audience would thump his feet on the same beat as the conductor and imagining himself playing his favourite tunes on a musical instrument and further enlightening him to be creative and instigate a budding wonderment towards music.

The animated series has become popular not only in Malaysia but in South East Asia and it started from focusing on the titular characters’ experience with fasting for the first time in the month of Ramadhan to telling their lives of playing with friends, learning new things in school and getting into trouble with their sister, Ros and this has become the highlight of Malaysian children’s TV program because of how relatable the twins are together with the series’ humour and life-lessons.


Coupling orchestral performances with music from or inspired by animations and cartoons is not unheard of since Disney in Concert began a tradition of orchestral events with songs and scores from their films played by the likes of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and Hawaii Symphony Orchestra. With the hopes of packaging an orchestral concert together with light entertainment, Upin & Ipin with the MPO will also feature scenes from the series so the kids would enjoy seeing their favourite characters alongside the lullabies of the musical instruments that would bring them to life.

Get your tickets to the concert this Sunday here!


Featured Image source: Les’ Copaque. 

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