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R&B Singer, NJWA Brings Her Brand of Soul to Japan

The country of anime, Harajuku and the perfect submergence of modernisation and tradition, Japan will be receiving our very own R&B singer-songwriter, NJWA as she travels in her Japan tour this November.

With the release of her latest EP, NJWA and a new image backed by her own site, NJWA is getting more prevalent after a long hiatus when announcing that she and her band will be going to Japan to tour for the first time. The singer hinted about the tour a few days before the official announcement on Twitter, asking if there are any Malaysians living or studying in Japan which received positive reactions from her fans guessing if NJWA would be coming over.

NJWA Live in Japan official poster. Source:

NJWA is not your conventional R&B artist as she oscillates between different sounds. Her experimentation with combining traditional music and modern soul/R&B sensibilities has existed since the days of her EP Aurora, slowly departing from her R&B/Neo-Soul days of her Innocent Soul album back in 2011, the year in which she won Best New Artist at Anugerah Industri Muzik Terbaik. NJWA’s first single off Aurora under the record label Nada Biru MuzikSeri Mersing illustrated the use of the ancestral ghazal folk song into a contemporary composition thus creating a fusion of the old and new; a combination that would be appreciated by Japanese audiences as it was on our shores. In her latest self-titled EP, NJWA, the artist takes it up an ethereal notch while still sticking to that tendency to fuse musical elements across time and space, especially in songs like Togok – where gamelan and soulful songstress magic converges and transitions into the pacific R&B lullaby of Ocean. It’s exciting to see her take the hitherto most mature version of herself into a larger audience.

The reason for NJWA’s silence prior to Aurora after a successful launch in the music industry is that the singer went to further her studies at Berklee College of Music in Boston and switched from the hours of producing in a studio to pursuing her music degree. It is undeniable that her time spent in the lecture halls and libraries of one of the most prestigious college on the education of music has changed the way she approaches her work either in vocalisation or writing her songs which makes for an exciting tour that will further raise the already established musician in the alternative R&B scene.

NJWA performs at Cyberjaya Music Festival 2018. Source: Transhallow.

Following musicians like Noh Salleh, Bunkface and Fazz on promoting their music on the land of the rising sun, NJWA will be bringing her own interpretation of soul and R&B, her charismatic stage presence, her distinct voice as well as her unique sense of style of pairing long headscarves with over-sized pieces. If you want to get to know more about the many shades of NJWA’s music then head over to her SoundCloud and Spotify  or get updated on her upcoming shows on her website!

EDITORIAL NOTE: (12.10.2018) – NJWA’s Aurora EP is not her latest EP. It’s her self-titled EP, NJWA. Go listen to it!

Featured Image source: NJWA’s Facebook page.  Listen to NJWA EP on Spotify:


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