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Urbanscapes 2018: The Year’s Highlight on Music & Art by Malaysians for Malaysians

After such a long (and may we say memorable in all aspects like politics) year, Urbanscapes is putting together a celebration of art and music from around the globe but also putting Malaysian creators on the same platform from 3rd to 18th November with musical performances, outdoor installations and so much more!

Wayang @ Warung Panggung: Nu-KL by Hidity Lab

Talks, Outdoor Installations & Puppetry

Urbanscapes is also holding talks and community programmes like This is Home organised by The Picha Project, an incentive to better understand the lives of refugees journeying from Syria, Afghanistan and Myanmar to Malaysia with exhibitions such as a one-minute VR experience being in a house in the home countries of refugees. An event that is suitable for all ages is a theatre performance, Warung Panggung which is a combination of the art of puppetry, wayang kulit and music presented by Muka Space and the Malaysian Puppetry Association. The street puppet theatre depicts the story of Yap Ah Long as he travels into the future in the pursuit of saving a dark and dystopian Kuala Lumpur.


Exhibitions A Feast for The Eyes

Ajim Juxta with his works.

And those who are into visual representations of art can get their dose at the #REIMAGENIUS Visual Arts Exhibitions which will feature arts by the likes of Ajim Juxta who focuses on using mediums like pen and ink to convey dystopian realities and Tsa Meera who has experimented with visual artistry of the analogue and digital and collaborated with Liyana Fizi and ASWARA. At Urbanscapes, you may also experience art and installations by The Sliz, Brindha Kumar, Jerome Kugan and many more. There will also be photography exhibitions at the festival i.e. DK x Urbanscapes by photographer, Farhan Akmal to be held on 6th November that presents photos of Kuala Lumpur from a new perspective.




ksfmxcinepheliaxurbanscapes-v5_644x472pxA Festival that Caters for Everyone!

If  you’re a film lover who wants insight on the best of what Malaysian directors could offer then head over to Kota Wayang by Kelab Seni Filem Malaysia X Cinephilia where a selection of 8 feature films will be showcased that illustrate the period from Independence Day to the present which includes KL Zombi by Woo Ming Jin and XX Ray by Aziz M Osman. Urbanscapes 2018 will be the art festival of the year that everyone of all backgrounds and interests would be able to find their calling either in the form of art performance that elevates music, exhibitions channeling the recent works of Malaysian creatives and even talks and workshops for the ones who want to learn more for the sake of learning.

 Join Malaysia’s longest running art festival, Urbanscapes 2018 from 3rd to 18th November here

Featured Image source is by Farhan Akmal as part of the DK x Urbanscapes 2018 exhibition. 




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