Rozella’s latest candylicious track, XOXO, is featured on playlists across Asia

The Sabahan R&B singer-songwriter, Rozella  is rising into the hearts of many listeners on Spotify after being featured on 11 Spotify’s New Music Friday playlists which isn’t surprising with the release of her new bop; XOXO is her latest tune and it’s a chew-a-bubble gum electric pop which is upbeat, catchy and a track that you could dance to anywhere. A song about pining for the love of another whether reciprocal or not that should have been quite depressing but here is one melody with the joy of a teenage romance and the sophistication of a pop song for all ages.

Previously, Home to You was the pioneer single of Rozella produced by Tiger Jams and a collaboration with Darren Ashley which skyrocketed the musician to the international stage when the track was remixed by the well-known Scottish act, CHRVCHES and further rooted Rozella in the electro pop genre as she was featured in many digital playlists across Asia and in the US.

Rozella explained her plans for releasing new music in 2019 after the success of XOXO, “There’s nothing else in the world that I enjoy more than being in the studio and working on music. It’s like a sugar rush for me. When I’m on stage or when I’m songwriting, the whole world disappears and nothing else matters.” With lyrics like, “Your candy kisses had me craving all the time,” XOXO is just the right amount of sweet and sexy that gives a taste on what’s more to come for Rozella’s discography.

Rozella Marie photographed for the release of her single, You. (Source: Apple Music)

When she’s not making music, Rozella is an activist for True Complexion which is a platform with the goal of empowering and inspiring individuals with physical, mental, or emotional characteristics which are considered undesirable by societal norms. It was an initiative created to celebrate the uniqueness in others that Rozella herself has found in herself which led to the confidence of performing her music.

XOXO is now available on all digital music platforms.


Featured Image source: the cover of Rozella Marie‘s XOXO

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