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Malaysian photographer Nadirah Zakariya is the FANTAGIRL on Vogue Italia

Beauty is raw and untouched and during fashion week; a period when both the chaos of beauty and fashion are celebrated, we observe powerhouses like Vogue Italia embracing real women in their editorials. Women such as Malaysian photographer, Nadirah Zakariya who is well known for her solo exhibition in Kuala Lumpur titled, Girlhood that focuses on women’s relationship with each other and Nadirah’s personal experience with sisterhood. Nadirah holds a Bachelor in Fine Arts from the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and has exhibited her photos in major cities including London, Paris and San Francisco.


After her works behind the camera are published in magazines like VICE, The New York Times and NYLON, Nadirah is a model for a photo series called, FANTAGIRL, I am the woman I am and wearing Lya Acquamarine by Fantabody. Much like the attire’s namesake, Nadirah posed in dreamy hues of blue amid a rustic oceanic room with several close-ups of her tanned skin which is also the main feature of the project considering Nadirah’s intention to centre her Vitiligo in the story (Vitiligo is a condition where the pigment cells of the skin, melanocytes, are destroyed in certain areas resulting in loss of skin colour in some areas of the skin).

A self-portrait from FANTAGIRL released by Nadirah Zakariya on her Twitter page.

The athletic brand, Fantabody collaborated with Nadirah for her self-portraits that played with natural light and shadows, props such as the familiar redness of rambutans and a pop of colour by a vibrant stalk of a green leaf with a bloom of fiery orange. Nadirah Zakariya has elevated a more personalised concept in the self-portraits that can be seen on Vogue Italia’s website in all its blurry edges and the sharpness of the subject matter as well as the softness of the photographer’s captured gestures and gaze.

 Featured image by Nadirah Zakariya. Check out more of Nadirah Zakariya’s photography through her Instagram


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