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Keeping Track with…The Venopian Solitude: European tour, upcoming album and alter-egoes

Back in 13 July, Takahara, Ariana, Kemat and Adam from The Venopian Solitude spared a few hours of their time at our office to talk about their tour in  Europe, the hassles of crowdfunding and their upcoming album!

The rest of the band couldn’t make it but we still gathered a lot from the conversations we had with those who came.

The Venopian Solitude and Takahara Suiko has been leaving a lot of  impressions lately. Back in July, the experimental ‘electronic joget music’ band faced some backlash regarding their crowdfunding campaign with people accusing them of being ‘desperate’ or ‘skewing the facts regarding them being the first Malaysian band to tour Europe’. Even though that event is now buried in Twitter history, the band still has some interesting advice about surviving in international tours and also the kind of marketing necessary for a successful crowdfunding venture.


Since we’ve had this interview, Takahara has also fully fleshed out an alter-ego for her solo projects under the moniker, VIONA. VIONA has recently been giving public service announcements on topics ranging from Hari Malaysia to the importance of sex education.

Not only that, we talk about something that we’ve been hounding The Venopian Solitude for since last year – their upcoming album. Although this interview is several months old, there’s a lot still relevant. Like did you know that one of the members of the Venopian Solitude adopts a different name for projects with mainstream pop artists?

Part 1: Touring in Europe, crowdfunding and juggling jobs

The band talks about their experiences performing in front of an audience that doesn’t understand Bahasa Melayu, things they learned from crowdfunding and being in multiple musical projects at once. Check out the profile for each band member to really understand what we’re talking about.

Part 2: Upcoming album and creating a new sound called ‘Popipincong’

Do genres still matter? What about creating new ones from combining so many different genres together? In this part we also talk about the concept of the upcoming album, the acronym HGB and how the album is going to come with a script for a play.

Find out more about The Venopian Solitude on by checking out their website

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