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MAFIDZ: Malaysian folk-pop outfit performing at festival in Tangerang, Jakarta

Eight is a pretty lucky number and this was exactly the number of musicians playing for Mafidz led by Megat Hafidz, Megat Fazly & Megat Aizzat; three brothers who built their musical career from composing jingles for broadcasting advertisements, scoring for short films and animations to finally releasing a debut album which is a manifestation of the folk-pop genre.


The band will be representing Malaysia at the International Indie Music Festival (IIMF) from 27th September to 7th October 2018 at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) BSD City, Tangerang, Jakarta where musicians from over 30 countries gather to exhibit their talent and latest creations i.e. bands like Efek Rumah Kaca and White Shoes & The Couples Company in one of the biggest musical showcases in South East Asia. Mafidz can be seen live on the main stage at the event on 4th October and are expected to perform songs from their debut album, Ada Angin & Hati available for pre-order beginning from 24th September.


 A taste of their music is their live recording session of Nista (in Malay that means somethings that is insulting or demeaning) and Mafidz began the song with, “Di mana kepastiannya?” loosely translated as “Where is the certainty?” to reflect the negligence of spreading rumours. The strumming of the guitar and the eerie sound of the cello electrify the warnings in the lyrics vocalised by the three brothers to send off a message of retribution and appreciation of one’s history and heritage.

  Images are from the Facebook pages of Mafidz Official. Follow them on Twitter and Instagram too!

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