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Zunar’s new mural touches on current tissues

On the 14th of September in Sunway Pyramid,  Vinda Deluxe launched a new tissue product in collaboration with Zunar – known for his anti-establishment cartoons – who draws a mural on Vinda Deluxe tissue papers to illustrate the strength and resilence of a new Malaysia.

What’s the best way to test out the strength of your latest tissue technology? Vinda Deluxe answers that by showcasing the work of a prominent cartoonist on them! The collaboration between tissue company, Vinda Deluxe and cartoonist, Zunar, is a refreshing challenge to both parties – with Vinda Deluxe using their product to capture the message of a new Malaysia and Zunar overcoming the challenges of using a unique medium for his cartoons.

“It’s also different from my other works, because it’s very positive and not really critical of any individual”, Zunar gibed.

A satirical cartoonist, Zunar has been drawing editorial cartoons for over 20 years and is known among many as a stern advocate for truth and transparency (so much so that Zunar got into trouble with the authorities under the previous government for his cartoons criticizing corrupt or less-than-virtuous politicians).

The drawing on the issue is an original creation, hand-drawn on Vinda Deluxe tissues measuring 16 feet by eight feet, all painted with acrylic – making it the nation’s largest comic art on tissue.

According to Zunar, the artwork was made on many separate pieces of tissue and then later combined into one large mural. “It took me one month to come up with the concept because I had to come up with something positive. People mostly know me for criticizing. After the concept, it took me one week to finish the piece”.

Zunar's mural
Zunar’s mural

The mural itself depicts a tree with several of its roots being cut off, representing the bad parts of Malaysia that Zunar feels we all want to see removed.

“What we normally see is the tree that’s above the ground, but hidden beneath are very deep roots that’s more important than the tree”,  explained Zunar. “If you only cut the branches, new branches can grow. It’s all about the roots”.

Speaking on his experience working with Vinda Deluxe and their tissues, Zunar said, “I don’t illustrate. I’m not an illustrator. People don’t tell me what to draw. I work together with another person, in this case Vinda Deluxe, to come up with a collaborative concept, and then I draw them. They’ve been very accommodating and the tissues really are strong. Together, we have played a small part in celebrating Malaysia’s strength and resilience. This is my first major piece of work for public exhibition since the dawn of our new Malaysia and it’s a great way to celebrate Malaysia Day”.

Zunar with representatives from Vinda Deluxe
Zunar with representatives from Vinda Deluxe

The original comic tissue art is the centrepiece of the “Stay Strong, Malaysia: Bersama Kita Bersihkan Tanahair Kita” event, which also features interesting on-ground activities for Malaysians of all ages. These include quiz games as well as craft and painting.

Vinda Deluxe’s collaboration with Zunar is not the first time the company has combined societal commentary with advertising. Recently they made an advertisement that encourages us Malaysians to “clean up our country”.

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