Takahara Suiko gives us a history lesson with new song ‘MALAYSIA’

Tired of dealing with people around her who still struggle to differentiate between Merdeka and Malaysia Day, The Venopian Solitude’s Takahara Suiko uses her solo pseudonym VIONA to write a song that she hopes will finally get the message across.

“Every year without fail, I get pissed when celebrities (especially) say ‘Selamat Hari Merdeka, Malaysia!’ come August 31st. 1957 was the year of Tanah Melayu‘s independence, not Malaysia. It is September 16th 1963 that is the establishment of Malaysia the country, including Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore,” Takahara said.

“After listening to Bunkface‘s Kita Punya Malaysia, and also, people STILL saying ‘Malaysia merdeka woohoo’ on 31st August, I decided to channel my rage at writing a song that reflects actual facts that I learned during secondary school from sejarah textbooks.”

She released the song last night on Twitter, coupled with a cleverly-made music video, which quickly went viral after catching the attention of many Malaysians.

As of writing this, the video garnered almost 100k views and gotten lots of positive feedback.

Structured as a fun bite-sized history lesson, paired with Takahara’s comical facial expressions and awkward motions, the video covers the exact differences between the celebrations that take place on August 31st and September 16th. It even includes an interlude featuring a clip of Karim Raslan‘s viral outburst on Astro AWANI the night of this year’s General Elections, which Takahara said she chose to include in since it was a “historic moment of free speech in mainstream media”.

However, the video did contain a couple factual inaccuracies, which audiences were quick to point out.

At one point, Takahara wrongly lists Singaporean actor Hisyam Hamid as Malaysian. And at another, she considers Sabah to be a “state” before it joined Malaysia, when it was actually a country. However, Takahara has since acknowledged these mistakes and corrected herself.

The entire video was shot and edited by Takahara at home using only her S7 Edge. Her recording sessions were also apparently interlaced with her making time to binge-watch The Office (which you can spot a cameo of in the video’s final chorus!).

“With the help of Instastory’s zooming capabilities, as well as Photoshop and Word, I pulled off a super-budget music video. It only costed me RM5.70 (the flag was from Daiso).”

MALAYSIA was also made in the spirit of VIONA (Takahara’s solo pr0ject) which requires all songs released to be in the form of a vertical music video and to have a budget of less than RM100.

If you’d like to download MALAYSIA or any other of Takahara’s songs, do check out her tracks on Bandcamp.



Featured Image Source: Takahara Suiko 

To keep up with more of Takahara’s work, you can follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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