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Son of A Policeman releases single and music video as colourful as Malaysia

After the song’s first conception years ago, Son of A Policeman‘s Colours of the Skin (Rasa Sayang) has finally been made its own music video!

The video is colourful and festive, celebrating the 2018 Merdeka season and encompassing the vibrant energy the ‘indie rojak’ band has to offer.

When talking about how the song evolved over the years, lead vocalist Josh Ganesan said, “I thought it’d be interesting to have bossa nova and hip-hop in. Then, eventually other members came to the band and added like funk elements and stuff. After that, the song was complete but I still felt it was missing something. So I was thinking, why not have bhangra? No other Malaysian band has done that yet.”

Son of A Policeman consists of lead vocalist Josh Ganesan, lead guitarist Axl Grey, Zijunn Tan on bass and vocals, Mikha Chan on rhythm guitar and vocals, JJ Michaels on drums and Jee Yann on keyboards.

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Featured Image Source: Son Of A Policeman


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