Find Dali: Kuala Lumpur’s first smart transportation aide

If you’ve been anywhere within the confines of the city lately, you’ve likely come across the #FindDali campaign. From posters, to billboards. to street art, the outline of the cartoon man against a vibrant yellow background has been a puzzling sight to many.  

For the curious, a quick search for the hashtag led to a website that invited its users to ask the peculiar Dali a question. When users complied, Dali would entertain his queries with both informational and, when a question called for it, witty responses. 

But all has now been uncovered, with Dali revealed to be the city’s first ever on-call smart transportation aide. Powered by car-sharing startup SOCAR and backed by an AI engine, Dali functions by providing commuters with resources to make well-informed and smarter mobility choices. The platform is also designed to encourage its users to contribute to threads by using their everyday travel experiences to guide other commuters trying to navigate the city. 


“To put it simply, Dali is YOU and every other person who is a part of the multiflex transportation matrix. We spend a sizeable amount of time each day lamenting on why we waste so much time on commuting and getting around. However, things aren’t going to get better if we just internalise the problem. With Dali, we want to give people a voice, a voice to change things, a voice to shape the future of mobility by expressing what we truly want and allowing the community to come together to build solutions that will make our cities more liveable,” Leon Foong, CEO of SOCAR said.

Dali’s end goal as a transportation aide will be to cater to our community at large, through assimilating commonly asked questions and coming out with out-of-the-box solutions to common frustrations like traffic, parking and food choices.

Foond adds that, “We’ve seen from recent time that when Malaysians truly believe in a cause, change is possible. And with #FindDali, we hope to be inspired to build a new Malaysia where traffic, double parking and transportation woes would be largely confined to history and we look forward to welcoming a new age of reliable, affordable and sustainable multi-modal, multi-flexible transportation.”

The Find Dali platform is now open for public use. Go ahead and try it out yourself!

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