Psychedelic rock band Unknown Mortal Orchestra will be performing in KL this month!

Coming to Malaysia this month for their first ever local show is Unknown Mortal Orchestra, a Kiwi experimental rock band who will grace fans with their synth electronica and funky psychedelic beats, on the 25th of September at The Bee, Publika.

For those unfamiliar with the indie rockers, Unknown Mortal Orchestra is what initially began as a humble basement project by the band’s frontman, Ruban Nielson, who rose to prominence in 2010 after putting up the track Ffunny Ffrends using an anonymous Bandcamp profile. After gaining significant coverage from several music blogs, the band soon went on to release their now widely-acclaimed self-titled debut. 

Ruban Nielson (Source: Upfront)
Ruban Nielson (Source: Upfront)

Known for creating some of the most elegantly distorted guitar rhythms streamable, the band’s sound is a full dive into aural experimentation. Their albums’ alternative sound, paired with Ruban’s nihilistic approach to lyricism, is an exploration into the many dimensions of psychedelic funk, all while showing fidelity to the band’s roots in traditional rock.

In early 2016, the band began work on Sex & Food, their fourth studio album that pushed them for this tour. The album was apparently made using somewhat of a “backward approach”, where the title and album cover were created before the actual music.

The writing and recording process of its tracks was then one that followed Ruban across the globe, landing him in cities like Hanoi, Seoul, Mexico City, Auckland and Reykjavik, resulting in what is likely now Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s most genre-defying approach to music yet.

Sex & Food is a fusion of disco, psychedelia and all things eccentric that give us a window in Ruban’s emotional and psychiatric state.

Among the tracks that have become a favourite among fans is the disco up-tempo Hunnybee, serving as a tribute to his young daughter and is also similar in sound to the band’s widely-popular 2015 Multi-Love, which illustrated the workings of Ruban’s open marriage and his and his wife’s shared lover.

The album also gives us the delightful Everybody Acts Crazy Nowadays, which emits a light, funky tune, and the downbeat Not in Love We’re Just High, that plays as a washed-out trippy declaration of illusionised love. There is also the political Ministry of Alienation and American Guilt who’s heavy lyrics and gilded warnings pull you right into the world’s political climate and Ruban’s eclectic psyche.

An effort by Freeform and Upfront and, sponsored by Original Matters, Unknown Mortal Orchestra will be performing in KL on the 25th of September at The Bee, Publika. Doors will officially open at 7pm.

The bad news is that the early bird tickets have now been sold out. But Pre-Sale (RM189) and Regular (RM219) tickets are still up for sale and can be purchased via Galactix.

(Source: Upfront)
(Source: Upfront)

For more information, check out the event page on Facebook.

Featured Image Source: Wikipedia

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