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Art collective ‘Alam Bunyian’ throws event to honour new space

Art collectives are a constant in almost community, and Alam Bunyian catches our attention with its inclusivity of people from different professions (musicians, visual artists, etc.) and genres (lo-fi ambience and shoegazing all the way to alternative hip hop). They’re more than just event managers – with a new space opening up in Ara Damansara called Tingkat Dua – they’re destined for more. The two-day festival will be happening this weekend on the 15th and 16th of September with an extensive lineup of creatives.

We got to talk to the founders Moja – who is also of the band Shuuna – and Roy – visual artist, and also the lead producer and engineer Mirul (a member of the band All To Fate), about Alam Bunyian and their dreams in establishing a space for all.

Check out our interview with them below:

Catch Alam Bunyian’s performance at Tingkat Dua this weekend to celebrate music and art practitioners from across the spectrum (15th and 16th September)

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