Rock n’ roll meets resort wear in Tarik Jeans’ refreshing new collection

Sometimes, a T-shirt is just a T-shirt. Other times, it is an art form — a proof to the testament that art does not only belong on walls.

Here to further push the boundaries of art is local denim brand Tarik Jeans, who recently showcased their Resort 2019 Monsoon collection at this year’s Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week on the 11th of August. 

Their new line features 32 looks, all featuring their trademark rock n’ roll street-style machismo on designs inspired by resort wear.

While the combination of resort wear and rock n’ roll may seem a little strange, Tarik pulls off their new designs exceptionally, living up to the don’t-give-a-fuck-attitude that stems deeply from the brand’s roots. 

The company collaborated in the making of their designs with three local artists; namely contemporary artist Saiful Razman, illustrator Katun and street artist Fritilldea. All known for creating what some would classify as ‘visual anarchy’, their work goes in line with the rebellious nature and edgy styles of Tarik’s designs, producing a series of distinct graphics and vibrant illustrations.


“After Nusa Bencana, which was the name of our collection last year, we wanted something less dark and gloomy. And after a series of brainstorming session, we decided to come up with a resort collection, but doing it the Tarik way. We are still quite political, we touched on current issues, while still in staying true with the Tarik DNA which is rock n roll. In the heart of all this, is resort wear,” Jiman Casablancas, Tarik Jeans’ Creative Director said.

Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week saw Tarik emsembles trickling down the runway, in an explosion of denim, adorned with expressive layering and eccentric accessories. Men strutted down, pairing the new graphic T-shirts and other tops with straight cut jeans and Tarik’s signature leather and denim outerwear. There were also designs heavily-inspired by camouflage.

(Source: Tarik Jeans)
(Source: Tarik Jeans)

Fashion Week also witnessed the debut of Tarik’s new womenwear line, Ayu, which featured 10 looks, all flaunted by models who paraded down the runway in unstructured silhouettes and classic Tarik denim pants.

(Source: Tarik Jeans)
(Source: Tarik Jeans)

Tarik Jeans’ new line provides a refreshing look for the brand and serves as a valuable space for art and fashion to collide.

To get a piece of  Tarik Jeans, check out their new collection and more on their website

Featured Image Source: Tarik Jeans

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