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RIUH is Turning One This Weekend!

Everyone’s favourite monthly creative fair is turning one this weekend, the 25th and 26th of August! RIUH, the ever-popular and ever-exciting creative affair will be taking the celebration its usual spot, APW, Bangsar.

Having started in August of 2017 by MyCreative Ventures Sdn. Bhd., RIUH has now begun to take its first steps, growing bigger and bigger with each fair. Deriving its name from the loud hustle and bustle entailed of a festivity, RIUH is a creative fest open and suitable for all-ages and all walks of life!

In appreciation of all things creative and innovative, RIUH acts as a platform to support and host a curation of eclectic and eccentric homegrown brands, fun creative workshops, live acts and showcases and local and international flavours, here to unite us all under one roof.

RIUH boasts an impressive line-up, having had 625 creative entrepreneurs, 28 creative workshops and 450 artists and musicians, RIUH is only to get better from here and all-RIUH-goers are certainly in for a treat.

The creative fair started off with the intention to provide the multitude of creatives, whether it be performers, artists, businesses and so many more, a space to show the people of Malaysia their spectrum of creative offerings. It is a testimony that one does not have to look long and hard to support the local creative industry.

RIUH acts as the middle man what can grow to be a thriving creative economy. Creative products and performances will no doubt be loved and enjoyed by all, no matter where they come from or who they are, but they lack the marketing for people to find them. That’s where RIUH comes in!

Learning and taking cues from the many fairs worldwide, RIUH is an effort to put Malaysia on the creative map, hoping to act as a catalyst for a bigger and more appreciated creative scene.

To spice things up, RIUH adopts a new theme every month. Past themes included Back To The 90’s, Retro Riuh, Tropical Fiesta, and so many more fun themes to be enjoyed.

If you’re looking to add a dash of fun to your weekend, RIUH will be operating from 11am until 9pm, a full day of fun that’s just around the corner! Or, if you’re a vendor, performer or artist that wants to be apart of the RIUH family, you can check out their website to sign up!

(Source: RIUH)
(Source: RIUH)

(Source: RIUH)
(Source: RIUH)
(Source: RIUH)
(Source: RIUH)
(Source: RIUH)
(Source: RIUH)
(Source: RIUH)
(Source: RIUH)

To learn more about RIUH, you can check out their official website, Instagram and Facebook!

Featured Image Source: SAYS

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