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Art Fazil will return with his Uniquely Titled Single, Lipas Kodong!

The veteran of the Malay music scene, Art Fazil, has returned with his latest head-scratching and oddly titled single, Lipas Kodong! The name of the song, derived from the commonly known idiom, Lipas Kodong (or lipas kudung), is a romantic narrative of the haste entailed of chasing one’s muse.

Produced and written by Art Fazil himself, the song, which will be released on the 28th of August, acts as a poem. Employing the use of parables, Art illustrates the longing for one’s muse, personified as an elusive, intangible and untouchable mirage.

Bringing his song to life, Art has collaborated with Indonesian filmmaker, Ida Bagus Hari Kayana Putra, for a distinctly unique music video. Shot in Bali, the music video presents his search and pursuit of his muse, played by renowned Balinese dancer, Dayu Sasrani.

Though known and loved for his Nusantara sound, Art Fazil is entering the realm of World Music as the rhythm of the song is a collision of contemporary and exotic. Layering contemporary sounds such as drums, electric guitar and bass with African instruments such as Udu drums and cabasa, the song is a convergence of cultures, illustrating how music knows no language or borders.

Art Fazil
Art Fazil

Art Fazil, who hails from island of Singapore, is no stranger embedding metaphors into his songs. Having founded the folk trio, Rausyanfikir, he along with his band members ushered in an array of socially conscious songs, each exploring political and social issues in addition to cultural preservation, all accompanied with alternative ethno-rock-pop music.

In addition to being apart of the critically acclaimed folk trio, Art continued on to make a name for himself as an individual artist as well. In 1990, Art signed as a songwriter to Warner Music Publishing, exercising his talent and creativity, writing for regional acts in both English and Malay.

In 1993, he signed to Pony Canyon Records in Singapore as a solo artist, revealing his talent to the public. Having won a multitude of awards for his solo endeavours and Rausyanfikir’s productions.

After thriving for a few years in the local music scene, Art decided to move to the United Kingdom to seek new opportunities and adventures in the British music circuit. Having traveled all across Europe, and briefly and Istanbul, Art found himself as he busked and played in bars, festivals and theatres.

Paying homage to the music genre he so dearly loved and respected, Art delved into festivals, talks and workshops to show the world of Malay music. Having started the London Malay Festival in 2005, curating programs at the Asian Civilisations Museum for Bulan Bahasa, curating exhibitions of Malay music and so much, Art introduced many to the realm of Malay music, an experience often only found when one visits the South East Asia.

This year, Art will be announcing his exhibition on the history of Malay Pop music that is sure to intrigue and capture the hearts of many.

Here’s some old Art Fazil if you don’t know him already:

Featured Image Source: Singapore Night Live

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