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Putar Belit: Altimet’s ‘Air’ & Sendiket Jongkong Emas’s debut EP review!

Putar Belit is a series where our resident music lover and editor, Zim Ahmadi, talks about Malaysian local albums and dissect them! We present you the first two episodes of our series, reviewing Altimet &  Sendiket Jongkong Emas.

 ‘SaJE’ –  Sendiket Jongkong Emas

For the pilot episode we take a look at SaJE’s (full name: Sendiket Jongkong Emas) debut album. SaJE is a new psychedelic shoegazing band with exciting promise.

Check out their two-track EP on Spotify:

‘AIR’ – Altimet

This episode we take a look at local iconic rapper, Altimet and his latest album, AIR – with singles such as Mambang and Bunga rising to public prominence in such a short span of time.

Listen to AIR on Spotify:

If you like our editor’s babbling, send in a comment for future suggestions of local albums to review!

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