Lawalah Vets: An EP to Celebrate!

Music is often seen as a tool of celebration, instead of a celebration in itself. Music, no matter the genre, is a celebration of the connection between artists and their listeners.

ON 24 JULY, the Lawalah Vets EP launch was celebrated, an international collaboration by Lawalah Familia and N.B.S. They took it to none other than Six Bangsar, a bar known and celebrated for its use of new school hip-hop and R&B. Making a home out of the familiar hip-hop scene, the rhythmic hip-hop EP was met with excitement and overwhelming praise.

A joint production by Goldensound Studios Sdn. Bhd.  and Lawalah Familia’s own Mic Belakang Pintu Records, Lawalah Vets a as 5 hip-hop track piece which features Malay and English interwoven in a record bursting with nostalgia

Lawalah Familia, a Malaysian rap collective comprised of over 20 local hip-hop artists, are slowly making their way up the Malaysian hip-hop scene. With a growing fan base since the release of their debut mixtape, new listeners can expect to see a fusion of styles as a result of the many artists found in the collective.

Source: Lawalah Familia
Source: Lawalah Familia

Hailing from Boston is N.B.S, a rap duo comprised of cousins E’Flash and Vee Knuckles. Having released an impressive number of albums and mixtapes over the course of just 5 years, this duo is bubbling with talent and sick lines to drop.

Having performed their EP at the launch party, each song was met with shouts and praise as each beat and rhythm resonated with each member of the audience. Performing 3 out of the 5 songs of the EP coupled with older fan favourites, the audience danced and sang along to the songs they knew, no matter how tired they were.

With around 100 loyal fans at the launch, their dedication is evident in how some took the time to line-up outside, waiting for the doors to open, one can only imagine the energy and exhilaration.

Coming from far and wide, the fans drove all the miles it took to celebrate this giant milestone for Lawalah Familia as their first ever international collaboration.

In appreciation of their fans, there was also a contest held where a few lucky fans took part for the chance to walk away with limited edition new Lawalah Vets merchandise such as CDs, T-Shirts and caps.

This party is the first of many to come so be sure to be on the lookout for more of Lawalah Familia and N.B.S! Lawalah Familia will be headlining at The Bee this coming September 21st before embarking on a Malaysian tour in October along with N.B.S and Planet Asia.

Be sure to check out Lawalah Vets if you’re looking for some catchy old school beats!


To keep up with Lawalah Familia, you can follow their Facebook , Instagram and Twitter.

To keep up with N.B.S, you can follow their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

To learn more about Goldensound Studios, you can check out their website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

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