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Under the Persian Musical Sky – A night of elegant and diverse Islamic music

Deeply rooted within Iranian history, the music of Iran’s indigenous is a rich tapestry of Islamic arts and culture. Many consider it somewhat a miracle that Persian classical music has been so well preserved by its people, despite the numerous foreign invasions that have infiltrated the nation’s other art forms. Its rhythms began as, and still remain, an important spiritual tool and serve as an expression of the people’s joys, loves and sorrows.

Taking place on the 15th of September at the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia, is Under the Persian Musical Sky — a concert featuring classical Persian music performed by renowned artists in Kuala Lumpur for the very first time. 

These include Kayhan Kalhor; Grammy award-winning kamancheh (Iranian spike fiddle) virtuoso and founding member of Yo-Yo Ma’s Silk Road Ensemble, Kiya Tabassian; trained Persian musician who has composed for several institutions and published works on Iranian music and Ziya Tabassian; Tombak (Iranian drum) prodigy who has released two highly successful albums and performed at various prestigious festivals and concert halls.

The concert aims to edify Malaysian audiences with cultures authentic to the Islamic world, since traditional Malay music has been very much influenced by Persian music. Brought to the Malay Archipelago by traders back in the 19th century, this influence can be seen in classical Malay instruments like the rebab and gedumback which can trace their origins to Persian instruments.

(Source: PUSAKA)
(Source: PUSAKA)

The concert is supported by the Canadian Arts Council, the Canadian High Commission of Malaysia, the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia and official hotel PNB Perdana Hotel & Suites On The Park. 

An effort by PUSAKA, in collaboration with the Islamic Arts Museum, Under the Persian Musical Sky is the inaugural concert of the Music of the Islamic World series; which aims to provide Malaysian audiences with an authentic look into the arts and culture of Muslims across the globe. 

Along with the concert, the series will also host other events, hoping to instill a sense of appreciation and engagement in Malaysian audiences towards the cultural diversity prevalent in the Islamic world. 

On the 15th of September, Founder-Director of PUSAKA, Eddin Khoo, will host a talk where he will give a brief introduction on Islamic music. The talk will serve as an introduction to the Music of the Islamic World series and take place before the inaugural concert that same evening. Eddin will give audiences insight into how several diverse Islamic traditions have transversed space and time to give rise to new musical forms and expressions in the cultural confluence of the Malay Archipelago.

Then on the 16th of September, a workshop on Persian classical music will be held to take participants on a journey through the history and development of Persian music, running from its ancient origins to its expression in contemporary times. Expect to be enlightened on the instruments, aesthetics, modes and rhythms, the fundamentals and techniques of improvisation, as well as the connection between Persian music and other arts forms such as poetry and painting. The workshop will be conducted by musicians featured during Under the Persian Musical Sky including Kayhan Kalhor, Kiya Tabassian and Ziya Tabassian.

Admissions for both the talk and workshop is free.

Under the Persian Musical Sky and the Music of the Islamic World series is a remarkable effort by PUSAKA in educating Malaysian audiences on the diverse cultural traditions that exist in diasporic Muslim communities around the world. Held in the Islamic Arts Museum, it complements the platform’s already wide range of cultural heritage. 

Tickets for the concert will be priced at RM180 for Standard seats, RM250 for Premier seats and RM350 for VIP seats. They can be purchased via emailing or contacting +6017-6599536.

Under the Persian Musical Sky will be held on the 15th of September 2018 at:

Auditorium, Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia, Jalan Lembah Perdana, 50480 Kuala Lumpur


For more information on Music of the Islamic World series, you can follow PUSAKA on Facebook


Featured Image Source: PUSAKA

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