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Urbanscapes is back to #ReImagine, #ReConnect and to #ReClaim KL city!

Hailed as the country’s longest-running arts, music and culture festival, Urbanscapes will be partnering up with Umobile for the Unlimited Grooves initiative to bring the best of the arts right to our city from the 3rd to the 18th of November 2018!

(Source: Commas PR)
(Source: Commas PR)

Urbanscapes is returning back to #ReImagineKL for it’s 16th consecutive year, and is certainly starting off with a bang! As of the 31st of July, the arts festival has released the Phase 1 of the tentative line-up, boasting an impressive array of international artists, art exhibitions, theatre showings and more!

This year’s theme stems from the inspiration found in community building, accessible arts and the diverse experiences of all Malaysians, making Urbanscapes 2018 a wonderful time of the rejuvenation of Kuala Lumpur- whether it can be by celebrating heritage buildings or repurposing old ones!

The founder of the festival, Adrian Yap, shares his similar sentiment towards their sporadic and city-centric approach to the festival.

“Urbanscapes has had a really good response with our city-centric approach, hence, this year we wanted to take over even more public and private spaces all across the city. Be it Chin Woo Stadium, Medan Pasar or our mainstay Urbanscapes House, at 2 Hang Kasturi, the festival content will definitely inspire conversations and many Insta-worthy moments!”

Musical line-up (so far!)

A festival isn’t without its music and with the newly implemented Unlimited Grooves initiative, the whole experience has become more accessible to festival goers! As of the phase 1 release, North-London Alternative Rockers Wolf Alice, and Brooklyn NYC art-rock Krauters Bodega will be ripping up the stage as the headliners of

(Source: Commas PR)
(Source: Commas PR)

the mini-festival at Chin Woo Stadium.

Following close behind is Thai indie singer-songwriter PHUM VIPHURIT and South Korean quirky pop-rockers Se So Neon! Representing the homeland will be the alternative indie-rock outfit Midnight Fusic and the illustrious indie-pop darling Bil Musa!

Last but not least, international R&B phenomenon Khalid will be taking you out on a fantastic night of pure nostalgia and pulsating dance synths for your dancing pleasure at KL Live!


Creative and public arts line-up

A plethora of exhibitions, talks and currents will be taking place all over the city, from Medan Pasar to Petaling

(Source: Commas PR)
(Source: Commas PR)

Street. Though Urbanscapes House, 2 Hang Kasturi still remains as the mainstay hub (with over 5 floors of fresh art, sounds, talks, and workshops), you gotta keep your eye out for more that’s happening around you!

Audio Visual Experiences include; Immersio 2.0 as curated by Filamen, AVAI by Saishogen, LIVE WIRE by Fairuz Sulaiman and Paint the light by Cervello!

As for the Art Exhibitions, The #REIMAGINEUS Visual Art Exhibition; which will be curated by Sharmin Parameswaran on the first floor of Urbanscapes House, ARUS; the enigmatic and funky Bono Stellar‘s biggest scale exhibition will be taking place at Medan Pasar, and not forgetting The Zhongshang Building Weekender which will be brought to you by Urbanscapes and OUR ArtProjects.


Performance art line-up:

Dancing In Place, a site-specific dance performance featuring emerging and established dancers the likes of Lee Ren Xin, Rathimalar Govindarajoo, and those from the ASWARA Faculty of Dance, takes to Medan Pasar, continuing to China town and the River of Life for its Urbanscapes edition.

(Source: Commas PR)
(Source: Commas PR)a

Warung Panggung, featuring MUKA Space and the Malaysian Puppetry Association (MPA), brings the magic of puppetry to the masses for a mobile, multiplex experience to tell the story of Ah Loy!

Pesta Lorong Hang Kasturi with ThinkCity– a revived public laneway by DBKL and ThinkCity–will host a street party with creative programming for all. For a true riuh in the city experience, RIUH! and Urbanscapes are teaming up to bring you a special edition of your favorite monthly creative platform at the River of Life waterfront.

Finally, an antidote to the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Hijau by Biji-biji Initiative is a pocket of serenity located adjacent to Central Market, near the River of Life.

More line up announcements soon to follow in Phase 2!


General tickets go on sale on 16 August at Galactix. UMobile customers get to purchase tickets starting 14 August, two days before everyone else!

To learn more about Urbanscapes, click here!

Featured Image Source: Urbanscapes Website

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