Visual Diary – An exhibition of imaginary landscapes

In every culture exists some form of what a community considers art. From the ancient cave paintings that charted the stars to modern art pieces that celebrate free will, art has always fulfilled its role of illustrating its creator’s innermost thoughts.

From the 28th of July to the 11th of August, an art exhibition themed the ‘Visual Diary’ will be up for display at the G13 Gallery. The exhibition is an effort by Izzat Hamdan, a graduate of Universiti Teknologi MARA, under the G13 Project Room programme.

The exhibition consists of a series of paintings portraying notable moments from Izzat’s life in the form of imaginary landscapes. The paintings are also meant to highlight Izzat’s inner conflicts and strives as an artist.

The Puzzles by Izzat Hamdan (Source: G13 Gallery)
The Puzzles by Izzat Hamdan (Source: G13 Gallery)
Land(E)scape, by Izzat Hamdan (Source: G13 Gallery)
Land(E)scape, by Izzat Hamdan (Source: G13 Gallery)

A series of seven mix-media paintings will don the exhibition walls. All paintings were done by Izzat through a combination of sewn collages and mark-makings. 

G13 Project Room is a an effort which aims to promote new talents and encourage thought-provoking ideas. Izzat’s exhibition will be the tenth installment of its kind under the programme.

As diverse as art may be, its role in mirroring society has always been at its core. An artist’s ability in actualising their creativity serves society more than it realises. Izzat’s exhibition is undeniably among the many worth seeking for their aesthetic take on self-expression.

The Visual Diary exhibition will be held from the 28th of July to the 11th of August at: 

G13 Gallery, GL13, Block B, Ground Floor, Kelana Square, Jalan SS7/26, Kelana Jaya, 47301 Selangor, Malaysia

The gallery opens daily from 11am to 5pm and is closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.

For more information on the exhibition, you can check out G13 Gallery’s website or Facebook page.

Featured Image Source: G13 Gallery


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