Keeping Track with…Zamaera: Being ‘Sisters’ with SZA & defining the sound of Malaysian hip hop

Malaysian rapper, Zamaera, has been in the scene as an R&B feature and a lowkey rapper for quite a while, but ever since releasing her first single Helly Kelly last year, she’s been defying stereotypes of women & hip hop – wanting to set ablaze a trail for more women to become rappers in the industry too. She’ll be performing in Good Vibes Festival this weekend (21 – 22 July) alongside other great international acts like SZA & Lorde, and also awesome local acts such as Noh Salleh, Altimet and more!

You don’t even need to do any research on Zamaera to know that she can spit fire – all you need is a few listen of her tracks to know that she’s got chops. The type of vibe that she emanates ranges from the aggressive grime-influenced track like Helly Kelly, to the pop rap sentimentality complete with profound social messaging in songs like Wanita.

Zamaera (Credit: Emma Abdullah)
Zamaera (Credit: Emma Abdullah)

Recently, Zamaera has released a mixtape that samples popular rap songs of today – the alas perut to her upcoming album that she’s been producing while she was in the US several weeks ago, according to her social media.


Find out what makes Zamaera tick by checking out our interview below:


On being a woman in hip hop:
“You’re always chasing, and you always want to be different. In terms of women in rap and R&B music: as a woman you already get publicly scrutinised for anything that you do, whether it’s music or your life choices. We’re always judged in that sense, but sometimes it plays in our favour because we stand out. It’s easier for us to be heard then”.

On books:
“If you ask my parents why I used to sleep late or wake up late for school last time, it was because I couldn’t part myself from books”.


On Malaysian hip-hop:
Ada Awek by A-Kid. You won’t hear an American rapper use mulut lazer. Your mouth is laser doesn’t sound right”


Catch Zamaera and so many other artists at Good Vibes this weekend.


(Source: Good Vibes Festival Twitter)
(Source: Good Vibes Festival Twitter)


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Featured image credit: Transhallow

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